If you or another person in the household has diabetes, there’s no need to make separate meals. Laura Cipullo and Lisa Mikus have gathered 150 nutritious, delicious recipes into their newly released “Everyday Diabetes Meals” (www.robertrose.ca) that everyone can enjoy.

Chickpea Salad with Savory Greek Yogurt Dressing,  Chicken Marsala, Baked Seafood Scampi and Fiesta Eggs Benedict are just a few of the 150 dishes  that will help diabetic patients improve their blood sugar management and overall health, and the tastebuds of their non-diabetic partners feeling satisfied. The majority of the featured recipes make two servings for immediate enjoyment, or you can enjoy one portion and refrigerate the other for another meal. Detailed nutritional profiles are provided with each recipe, along with tips for making variations. You don’t have to be diabetic to enjoy “Everyday Diabetes Meals”, with recipes that are quick and easy to make using fresh ingredients and worthy of being on some of the finest restaurant menus!

Everyday Diabetes Meals by Laura Cipullo and Lisa Mikus – Gotta Love It!