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The summer season has officially arrived and there’s no better way to celebrate than getting creative in your kitchen with some less traditional fruit offerings used in Southern cooking, as recommended by Nancie McDermott in her recently released “Fruit”, a Savor the South cookbook  from the University of North Carolina Press (

McDermott draws on her Southern heritage to showcase recipes that star fruit categories well beyond traditional apples, oranges, grapes and bananas — quince, pawpaws, mayhews, figs, damson plums and persimmons are among the Southern favorites used to create everything from pies, pudding and compotes to breads, fritters and ice creams.  Also included are recipes for more traditional strawberry, rhubarb, cantaloupe and watermelon creations to grace your summertime picnics and buffets.

Fruit”:  A Savor the South Cookbook by Nancie McDermott – Gotta Love It!


For an eye-opening look at all the ways food manufacturers are influencing the health of today’s children, we recommend the recently released “Finding the Way” by Elizabeth DeRosa (

When the health of her son was in jeopardy, DeRosa researched everything she could about the connection between processed foods and a multitude of health issues. What she discovered was very disturbing, but in Finding the Way she goes the extra step beyond simply listing complaints  to suggesting a variety of steps every parent can take to prevent the side effects caused by factory foods, processed foods and sugar-laden beverages. Rather than making drastic changes, DeRosa recommends a slow and steady approach that over time, can help to transform the health of your children as well as your entire family!

Finding the Way by Elizabeth DeRosa – Gotta Love It!


If you want to discover the truth about eating wheat and the many misconceptions about gluten-free dining, check out Eat Wheat by Dr. John Douillard (

Douillard explains the many physiological processes affected by wheat consumption, along with sound scientific evidence of how, when and what kind of wheat  and dairy products can safely be introduced into the diet.  This book does an excellent job of breaking through all of the gluten-free marketing hype to present factual information that can help individuals who thought they had to remain gluten and dairy-free in order to avoid digestive issues.

Eat Wheat by Dr. John Douillard – Gotta Love It!



Anyone seeking career satisfaction these days, whether as a newly launched graduate or a mid-lifer seeking change, should invest in Jeff Goins’ newest release, “Real Artists Don’t Starve” (

Using case studies of individuals throughout history who not only pursued their creative passions but managed to thrive and profit from it, Goins thoroughly shatters the myth of the starving artist who has to pinch pennies and work for substandard wages. Goins presents 12 rules in this book that can change a starving artist into a thriving artist, including the value of flexibility, apprenticeship under a master, and never working for free. No matter age or circumstance, the strategies presented here can help anyone chart a course as an entrepreneur in any artistic field.

Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins – Gotta Love It!


You can send Dad, Father-in-Law, Son or Brother a delicious care-package from that will make them feel like the king of their castle this Father’s Day, June 18th (

The Orchard’s Abundance Basket pictured above offers a wonderful array of fresh fruit, crackers, nuts and cheese, including sweet and juicy red delicious apples, a buttery-rich Sea Salt Caramel sauce for dipping,  savory Cabot cheddar cheese and other complimentary goodies to celebrate Father’s Day in style.  Among the other Dad-approved choices offered in 2017 are The Father’s Day Beer-B-Q Bucket, The Father’s Day Gift Tower, The 19th Hole in One Gift Basket, and the Father’s Day Backyard BBQ Gift Basket, with prices starting at $34.99.

The Orchard’s Abundance Gift Basket for Dad from — Gotta Love It!



Long before gamers’ fingers were flying over their electronic devices, people gathered around card tables and dinner tables to play such classic board games as Monopoly, Chess and The Game of Life. 

British journalist and author Tristan Donovan has thoroughly researched the history of more than a dozen well-loved board games and presents it in an entertaining fashion in the newly released book, “It’s All A Game: The History of Board Games from Monopoly to Settlers of Catan,” published by St. Martin’s Press ( For those individuals whose knowledge is limited to video and computer games, this guidebook may serve as an inspiration to try some more traditional gaming challenges. And for those baby boomers who grew up trying to be  Monopoly tycoons, this book brings a sweet nostalgia for a simpler time when board games inspired good fun and good conversation on a face-to-face basis.

It’s All A Game by Tristan Donovan – Gotta Love It!