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If you are in need of a hyacynth to feed your soul this summer, we heartily recommend Cheryl Reed-Dudley’s “Horses That Save Lives” (

These are heartwarming and inspiring stories of how horse and human intereactions and encounters led to wonderful changes in one or both of their lives.  These tales are a wonderful reminder of the mutually beneficial relationship that can exist between mankind and the animal kingdom.

Horses That Save Lives by Cheryl Reed-Dudley – Gotta Love It!


There is something wonderfully soothing about putting a new pair of socks on your feet. And now there is a subscription service to ensure that one or more pairs of new socks, featuring bold colors and fresh designs, will arrive in your mailbox on a monthly basis to keep your feet looking snazzy.

Sock Fancy ( is a sock subscription service that will have your feet feel like dancing! We recently were treated to a sampling of their Atlanta-designed washable socks, a combination of combed cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex offering a silky smooth feel and vibrant color in easy to slip-on styles. Remember what ruby slippers did for Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? Just think of what a Sock Fancy subscription can do for you! Gift subscriptions are also available and socks come in men or women’s sizes (5-11), with shipping always free to anywhere in the world.

Sock Fancy Subscriptions – Gotta Love It!


If you are a fan of Mojitos to help make sweltering summer temperatures more tolerable, check out VIVA XXXII Tequila (www.,  founded by Yvonne Niami as a premium sipping tequila at an affordable price point.

We recently sampled VIVA XXXII’s Joven Tequila and was impressed right away by its smooth taste – absolutely no burn.  We also fell in love with the mod designed bottle, featuring a crisp black and white triangle motif. VIVA XXXII is also available in reposado,  using estate grown 100% blue agave. We  think it’s great that 10% of all net sales proceeds are donated to animal abuse prevention causes. The company calls its Tequila “Just GREAT badass tequila” and we tend to agree — this is a must-have addition to your bar, for this summer’s drinking pleasure,  and beyond. 

VIVA XXXII Tequila,  Joven or Reposado — Gotta Love It!




The recently released expanded edition of Deborah Wall’s “Base Camp Las Vegas”  from Imbrifex Books ( offers readers 101 suggestions for hiking trails located in the American Southwest and less than a hour’s drive from Las Vegas.

Wall’s latest guidebook examines the many discoveries that can be made amid the natural wonders of such places as Zion National Park, Death Valley National Park, the Grand Canyon, the Spirit Mountain Wilderness Area and Red Rock Canyon. There are plenty of gorgeous four-color photos accompanying each recommended hiking trail, offering readers an armchair mini-vacation while you are planning your itinerary for a hiking holiday. Wall also includes excellent advice on how to prepare for a safe and happy journey, using the proper equipment, supplies and outfitting.

Base Camp Las Vegas by Deborah Wall  2nd Edition – Gotta Love It!


If you love a great bargain on fine vintage, costume and collectible jewelry and are within driving distance of the Westgate Mall in Bethlehem, PA this Sunday, don’t miss out on Westgate Jewelers ( fabulous summer of 2017 Sidewalk Sale!

The doors open at 10 a.m. on Sunday July 23rd, with thousands of costume, vintage, sterling silver and antique jewelry pieces (rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.) offered for sale, at prices starting at just one dollar!  There are also collectibles, recipe books and other novelty items featured at this unique sale, which extends through August 7th. We’ve found some of our most treasured jewelry pieces  at Westgate Jewelers Sidewalk Extravaganza. Check them out on Facebook to see their daily photo listing of some of the pieces being offered for sale and enter to win a gift card for use at this year’s sale!

Westgate Jewelers Summer Sidewalk Jewelry Sale – Gotta Love It!


If you would like to enjoy a walk through the most fascinating stories of the past half century, escorted by award-winning TV news journalist Marvin Scott, longtime favorite at New York’s Pix 11, then “As I Saw It” ( should top your 2017 summer reading list.

Scott is without question one of the last of the breed of old-time newsmen who knows how to do his homework, get the story fast but accurately in record time, and report it to his audience with integrity and compassion.  Among the many encounters he records in the pages of this book are interviews with Presidents and  First Ladies, infamous criminals and forgotten heroes, astronauts, entertainment legends, crime victims, terrorists and heart transplant recipients. Settle in for a fascinating stroll through the past five decades, meeting people, places and circumstances that are famous or were made famous because a veteran reporter like Marvin Scott helped make them a part of television history.

“As I Saw It” by Marvin Scott – Gotta Love It!


Although Passion for Spices ( founder and CEO May Fridel has written “Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook” ( to meet the nutritional guidelines of the American Diabetes Association, this extensive cookbook will appeal to anyone who wants to learn more about creating bold-flavored, colorful yet wholesome meals inspired by the culinary traditions of India and South Asia.

As the portfolio of four-color photographs included in this guide will attest, Indian dishes are attractive to the eye as well as the palate. Most of the recipes involve the inclusion of quite a few savory and spice ingredients native to Indian cuisine, some specialty food shopping is advised before creating any of the recipes presented, which range from such basics as cottage cheese and yogurt to more complex choices as Keralan Fish Stew and Mini Pooris with Purple Potato Filling.  Fridel’s easy to follow directions and ingredient exchange ideas will help even kitchen novices soon master the fine art of healthy Indian cuisine.

Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook by May Abrham Fridel – Gotta Love It! 


Beets are the unsung heroes of the vegetable world, providing a powerful way to detoxify the liver, lower blood pressure, fight inflammation and increase overall good health. Earlier this year, Kayco ( introduced their latest beverage offering, “Beetology”, a 100% fruit and vegetable juice beverage featuring the healing power of red beets, in combination with other potent fruits and veggies.

This line-up of organic, cold-pressed juices, packaged in 8.45 ounce glass resealable bottles, features a slightly earthy, slightly sweet taste that is both tart and refreshing. Varieties includes Beet & Lemon & Ginger, Beet & Cherry (our favorite), Beet & Berry, Beet & Veggie, and Beet & Tropical Fruit.  Beetology is one of the most exciting new  natural juice offerings to appear on the market in some time and is a delicious way to get your daily serving of healthy red beets.

Beetology 100% Cold-Pressed Juice – Gotta Love It!


If you’re recently adopted a kitten from your local animal shelter or rescue organization,  Hartz new line-up of Delectables Treats for Kittens ( makes it convenient for you to treat them to a delicious and tantalizing treat between meals.

The kitties at our house recently taste-tested Hartz Delectables Kitten with Tuna and gave a five-paws rating for both aroma and taste.  This lickable treat can be poured directly into a serving bowl or served for licking up by the spoonful. The easy  to store packets need no refrigeration and make a great gift for families who have recently adopted a kitten into their household.

Hartz Delectables Bisque for Kittens – Gotta Love It!