If you would like to enjoy a walk through the most fascinating stories of the past half century, escorted by award-winning TV news journalist Marvin Scott, longtime favorite at New York’s Pix 11, then “As I Saw It” ( should top your 2017 summer reading list.

Scott is without question one of the last of the breed of old-time newsmen who knows how to do his homework, get the story fast but accurately in record time, and report it to his audience with integrity and compassion.  Among the many encounters he records in the pages of this book are interviews with Presidents and  First Ladies, infamous criminals and forgotten heroes, astronauts, entertainment legends, crime victims, terrorists and heart transplant recipients. Settle in for a fascinating stroll through the past five decades, meeting people, places and circumstances that are famous or were made famous because a veteran reporter like Marvin Scott helped make them a part of television history.

“As I Saw It” by Marvin Scott – Gotta Love It!