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wicked joe

If you want to pour a brew that is hot and wicked delicious into your coffee cup this autumn, check out Wicked Joe Organic Coffees (www.

This Topsham, Maine-based company specializes in importing fair trade coffees from around the globe, ensuring that farmers and growers earn a fair and living wage. We recently sampled the company’s Wicket Joe Organic Fair Trade Sumatra Coffee, a rich and earthy-tasting blend that is dark, aromatic and perfect for the cooler late-summer and early autumn mornings and nights. Other offerings include coffees from Honduras, Ethiopia, Columbia, Bali and Guatemala.  A basket of Wicked Joe whole beans makes a great holiday gift idea.

Wicked Joe Organic Coffees — Gotta Love It! 



If you are searching for a tasty alternative to sugary and unhealthy soft drinks, it’s time to discover Tea Guys Sparkling Tea (

We recently had the opportunity to try their Watermelon Lime Basil and Hibiscus and Raspberry current concentrate, easy to blend into your own still or sparkling water. Both featured a crisp, refreshing taste, with a mellow blend of sweet and tart flavors that makes a perfect low-calorie treat for any time of the day. It’s convenient to make up a batch first thing in the morning to quench your thirst throughout the Dog Days of August.

Tea Guys Sparkling Tea — Gotta Love It!


A delicious non-alcoholic energy drink already enjoyed in 80 countries around the world has swam into North American waters. Called SHARK,  ( this stimulating beverage features natural caffeine from coffee beans and is sure to wake up your morning!

SHARK, which also offers a sugar-free version, is packaged in ready to chill  and easy to open aluminum cans, and is the brainchild of 120-year old Osotspa Company Ltd. of Bankgok Thailand. We enjoyed its bracing flavor that has  a hint of citrus but no annoying chemical aftertaste like so many energy drinks on the market. Great to savor right out of the can or pour it over ice for an any  time of day mocktail.


Shark or Sugar-Free Shark makes the perfect pick-me-up whenever your energy level is circling the drain!

SHARK Energy Drink — Gotta Love It!



New Belgium Brewing, based in Fort Collins, CO, is rolling out its popular Fat tire Belgian White beer on a nationwide basis, just in time for end-of-summer gatherings and Labor Day picnics (

Two special ingredients that make this craft brew so refreshing are Seville oranges and Indiana coriander, making it the perfect compliment to grilled foods and spicy snacks. Fat Tire Belgian White has a beautiful peach-colored glow in the glass, with just a hint of sweetness blended with an aromatic citrus tang. 


Fat Tire Belgian White Beer from New Belgium Brewing – Gotta Love It!




This Saturday, August 19, is Clear the Shelters Day to encourage more people to consider adopting a pet from their local animal shelter.  “What to Expect When Adopting a Dog” by Diane Rose-Solomon ( is a wonderful guidebook to read ahead of time to answer many of your questions regarding dog ownership.

Rose-Solomon covers a wide range of topics, including an assessment to know whether or not you are ready to add a dog to your family mix, the best places for adopting a dog, preparing your home and tips for successfully integrating your new canine pal into your household, other family members and your routine. The better prepared you are, the more likely you will make a good match with one of the many shelter animals looking for their fur-ever home!

What to Expect When Adopting A Dog by Diane Rose-Solomon – Gotta Love It!


It will soon be time to start packing those daily school lunches as the kids return to the classroom this fall. Instead of sugary soft drinks, we recommend a bottle of Lori’s Original Lemonade, made from organic lemons instead (

The company, based in Ventura, CA,  recently rolled out two new flavor offerings to their lineup of organic gourmet lemonades, Wild Strawberry (our favorite)  and Original lemonade, joining their already popular and unique Lavender, Ginger and Lemongrass Lite lemonades. Each 16 oz. bottle provides two generous servings, with just the right mix of tangy tartness and sweetness.  When life hands you lemons, pour yourself a glass of Lori’s Original Lemonade!

Lori’s Original Gourmet Lemonade – Gotta Love It!


Although there seem to be plenty of reasons to become fearful these days, being prepared for certain unwanted situations can help any individual feel more in control. John Geddes and Alun Rees do an excellent job of providing the reader with strategies to survive active-shooter events in their recently released “Be A Hero” (

The topics covered may not be pleasant to think about, but offer lifesaving information on how to fight back, escape and evade, tone down disabling fear and provide medical assistance to those in need. This is a must-read book that every member of the family can benefit from in the event the unthinkable happens  at school, at the mall or in other public places.

Be A Hero: The Essential Survival Guide to Active-Shooter Events by John Geddes and Alun Rees – Gotta Love It!


Anyone searching for a new outdoor sport to pursue can get a wealth of information about fishing from James Root’s new “Smallmouth Bass Fishing for Everyone: How to Catch the Hardest Fighting Fish That Swims”  from Skyhorse Publishing ( 

Root is a tournament fisherman who knows the ins and outs of identifying smallmouth bass and where they live, providing readers wtih expert advice on everything from outfitting your boat to discovering his 25 top destinations to pursue smallmouth bass fishing.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing For Everyone by James Root – Gotta Love It!



During the Dog Days of August, you don’t need an official reason to throw an impromptu party, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the fixings, thanks to

Their Backyard BBQ Popcorn Sampler makes party entertaining easy.  This collection features  10 bags holding bold and sassy flavors, including Hickory Maple Bacon, Honey Mustard, Buttered Corn on the Cob, Chipotle BBQ, Dill Pickle and Cajun. Simply pour into platters, add sangria, wine and beer to quench your thirst, and you’re ready for a fun, pop-up party, anytime and anyplace. 

The Backyard BBQ Popcorn Sampler from — Gotta Love It!



Summer vacation days are numbered as another school season looms on the horizon. Be ready to simplify mealtimes for your children, and yourself when schedules get crazy with the USDA certified organic and gluten-free single serve frozen entrees available from Caesar’s Kitchen (

We recently had the opportunity to taste test Caesar’s Kitchen Gluten-free Gourmet Buffalo and Chicken Mac & Cheese and 3 Cheese Herb Rigatoni & Meat Sauce, as well as their Organic Goodness Spinach & Tomato 4 Cheese Ravioli and the Asiago Mushroom Penne Pasta entrees. Each provided a nicely seasoned, satisfying meal, with tantalizing aroma and easy to microwave directions.  Within 5 minutes, we were able to enjoy a nutritious, protein-rich meal that tasted as good as homemade!  We also like the fact that no artificial ingredients or preservatives are used in preparing Caesar’s Kitchen entrees, available in your supermarket freezer case.

Caesar’s Kitchen Gluten-Free and Organic Goodness Single Serve Frozen Entrees – Gotta Love It!