A delicious non-alcoholic energy drink already enjoyed in 80 countries around the world has swam into North American waters. Called SHARK,  ( this stimulating beverage features natural caffeine from coffee beans and is sure to wake up your morning!

SHARK, which also offers a sugar-free version, is packaged in ready to chill  and easy to open aluminum cans, and is the brainchild of 120-year old Osotspa Company Ltd. of Bankgok Thailand. We enjoyed its bracing flavor that has  a hint of citrus but no annoying chemical aftertaste like so many energy drinks on the market. Great to savor right out of the can or pour it over ice for an any  time of day mocktail.


Shark or Sugar-Free Shark makes the perfect pick-me-up whenever your energy level is circling the drain!

SHARK Energy Drink — Gotta Love It!