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The Westgate Jewelers Fall Sidewalk Sale slated to kick off at 10 a.m. Sunday, October 8th is a must-schedule event for any lover of costume, vintage, sterling and designer jewelry. (

With literally thousands of bargains available, most priced at $1 each for bracelets, earrings, necklaces and brooches, this sale in the Westgate Mall in Bethlehem, PA is the perfect place to get most of your holiday shopping done. A nice selection of both modern and vintage watches in working condition ($3 each) are also available, with a great array of higher priced, yet still  affordably priced collectibles and designer jewelry to round out your purchasing options.  The sale is scheduled daily through October 23, 2017.

The Westgate Jewelers Fall Sidewalk Sale – Gotta Love It!


As people mindlessly scurry about their routines on a daily basis, they often miss out on the many reminders of history still in evidence, especially in larger cities. Writer/filmmaker Ben Passikoff has done a remarkable job of  recording what he calls “New York City’s ‘Ghost Signs'” in his recently released “The Writing on the Wall” (

These “Ghost Signs” are a form of advertising artwork originally placed on the sides of buildings, many of which are more than 90  years old. This book is a fascinating pictorial journey through the many neighborhoods of the Big Apple, capturing for posterity what remains of the larger than life advertising murals that dotted the city’s architecture.

“The Writing on the Wall” by Ben Passikoff – Gotta Love It!


Whether you are planning Octoberfest or Halloween Trick or Treat celebrations for family and friends,  New Belgium Beers ( has introduced the perfect brew with a new Special Release.

Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ale features blends both the spiciness and heat of cinnamon, chilies and pumpkin, making it a great accompaniment for everything from bratwurst and burgers to chili con carne or hoagies.  This full-bodied ale contains a bit of a bite that’s perfect to welcome the autumn season.

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Special Release Atomic Pumpkin Ale – Gotta Love It!


Instead of spending on cold tablets and flu shots over the coming months, we vote for incorporating more fermented foods into our diets, using the delicious recipes presented in Michelle Cook’s “The Cultured Cook: Delicious Fermented Foods with Probiotics to Knock out Inflammation, Boost Gut Health, Lose Weight and Extend your Life (

Cook offers a very interesting overview of the many ways that  fermented foods benefit good health, as well as dozens of gluten and dairy-free recipes for everything from cheese and sauerkraut to delicious beverages and homemade yogurt that is more healthful and affordable than those expensive cups sold at the supermarket. 

The Cultured Cook by Michelle Cook – Gotta Love It!



Many wonderful beverage options have crossed our radar recently and we’re excited to share one that makes a delicious stocking stuffer this holiday season as well as a worthy addition to holiday entertaining.

Good Earth Peppermint Treat #3 Blend Tea ( is a premium loose leaf tea blend that combines pink peppercorn, safflower petals, peppermint and white chocolate. The result is an aromatic and slightly spicy tea that can be enjoyed hot or iced. We found this blend to have a lovely mixture of taste sensations that accentuate the overall mint flavor. Its tin container is so beautiful, all you need do to make it a gift is attach a festive bow!   Good Earth features a whole array of exclusive tea blends that you can mix and match for a lovely gift presentation, for yourself or someone special.

Good Earth Peppermint Treat # 3 Blend Tea – Gotta Love It!


happy face

In a world that becoming increasingly less peaceful and more contentious, it’s more important than ever to keep what I like to call “day brighteners” handy.  

ThePut on a Happy Face” CD from Dick Van Dyke and The Vandastix (www.  may be a few years old but it is certain to put a smile on your face. It makes a great holiday stocking stuffer, so run, don’t walk, to your favorite online music store or the Vantastix website  and treat yourself to a wonderfully positive “day brightener”.

“Put On a Happy Face” CD by Dick Van Dyke and The Vantastix – Gotta Love It!


The recently released “Weird-O-Pedia”: The Ultimate Book of Surprising, Strange, and Incredibly Bizarre Facts About (Supposedly) Ordinary Things” ( is a great stocking stuffer for the trivia buff. It’s also a must-have to help stimulate some sparkling conversation during cocktail hour or to fill in that lull in the conversation.

Flip open to any page of “Weird-O-Pedia” and discover amusing and amazing details about on-the-job oddities, fast food, city living,  pets, hobbies and dozens of other topics.  This is a great rainy day read,  or to keep handy on your bedside table for those nights when you can’t fall asleep. 

“Weird-O-Pedia” by Alex Palmer – Gotta Love It!


The Farmer’s Almanac predicts that snow could  be flying in certain points throughout the country by late October! There’s no time like the present to get prepared for foul weather, and Traction Magic (www. is ideal for carrying in your car and truck to prevent wheels from slipping on icy surfaces as well as for sprinkling over ice-coated stairways and sidewalks.

Each 15-pound bucket of Traction Magic will cover up to 3,000 square feet and the bucket includes a pair of gloves for easy handling, along with a refillable personal dispenser to keep in your car’s trunk or elsewhere in the garage for easy access.  The company currently has an early bird special reflecting a $5 price discount and free shipping so you have peace of mind when ice and sleet start making walking and driving conditions hazardous.

Traction Magic from Safe Paw – Gotta Love It!

Hi-Res ReliefBand (002)

Today marks only 90 days until the Christmas gift opening frenzy begins, so it’s time to think about creative stocking stuffers for those on your gift list!

For the frequent traveler on your list as well as  expectant mothers, ReliefBand ( provides fast relief from nausea and other symptoms associated with motion sickness as well as morning sickness. This easy to wear, discreet device looks similar to a watch band and is an FDA Cleared Digital Therapeutic Device representing the latest in nausea and motion sickness relief technology.

Simply apply the gel included in your package to the skin and attach the ReliefBand onto either wrist as directed by the instructions to generate a stimulating pulse. You can adjust the strength of stimulation with the push of a button (1 being lowest, 5 being the strongest). We noticed relief from nausea within 10 minutes.  ReliefBand offers a simple, drug-free way to fight symptoms of motion sickness and nausea whether on land, sea or air, with no side effects or drowsiness.

ReliefBand – Gotta Love It!



If you don’t have the time or inclination to full the full plays of William Shakespeare, you can still enjoy the bard’s wit and wisdom by browsing through “The Smart Words and Wicked Wit of William Shakespeare”, edited by Max Morris (

Morris includes 14 different categories, ranging from love and marriage to aging and nature, selecting some of the Bard’s most memorable, funny, true and witty quotes. This makes a great stocking stuffer for the Shakespeare enthusiast or English major, as well as a nice resource for speakers.

“The Smart Words and Wicked Wit of William Shakespeare”, edited by Max Morris – Gotta Love It!