As everyone seems to be talking about sexual harassment in the workplace, with new disturbing revelations coming out daily, “Be Fierce”, the recently released book by Gretchen Carlson ( is a rallying cry for taking action and finding solutions.

This is not a tell-all book about Carlson’s time at Fox News under Roger Ailes but rather a frank and often infuriating  examination of the career sabotage that women like Carlson, most of whom are not well-off and famous, have encountered in the past half century/. Carlson speakss with compassion and candor about her own experiences even before her days at Fox News and relates numerous tales of what other women have experienced. But the story doesn’t end there, but rather opens a dialogue for frank discussion and suggestions for the  numerous routes that can be followed to  a more permanent solution. “Be Fierce” offers a guiding light to numerous resources that both sexes can take advantage of when they encounter harassment, sexual or otherwise, in their jobs. 

“Be Fierce” by Gretchen Carlson – Gotta Love It!