“Abandoned” by Seph Lawless (www.skyhorsepublishing.com) provides the reader with an amazing look at deserted and forgotten theme parks located throughout the United States.

“Hauntingly Beautiful” is how the author describes his four-color photography focusing on  numerous deserted theme parks no longer in operation, such as Bushkill Amusement Park in Pennsylvania and Dogpatch USA in Arkansas. These photos are undoubtedly sad and forlorn, but also very compelling, showcasing what remains of what used to be places of fun, excitement, energy and adventure. Whether or not any of the discarded theme parks featured is haunted remains to be seen, but “Abandoned” is certainly an appropriate Halloween week read that captures on film what remains of a range of amusement parks no longer attracting an audience.

“Abandoned” by Seph Lawless – Gotta Love It!