When planning your holiday party menus for Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, the newly released “The Vegan Holiday Cookbook” by Marie Laforet from Robert Rose Publishing ( offers a refreshing change of pace from traditional holiday buffet offerings.

Swedish Meatballs made with textured vegetable protein, Puff Pastry Stars filled with a savory chestnut and sweet potato mixture, Squash Truffles and Mushroom Caviar can be the stars of your holiday party this season. And don’t forget the dessert table, showcasing such sugarplums as Cardamom Almond Kringle, Coconut Truffles and Almond Lemon Meringue Log. This fully color illustrated cookbook, featuring 60 very creative recipes, also makes a great holiday gift item!

The Vegan Holiday Cookbook by Marie Laforet – Gotta Love It!