Don’t forget the pets on your gift list this holiday season when searching for great stocking stuffers. We recently had the opportunity to try out the Brahma Lead, an all-weather dog leash produced by Bold Lead Designs and made in Colorado (

I employed the help of my trusty Keshond companion McGarrett to test out the Brahma Lead and he gives the Brahma Lead an enthusiastic paws up. Unlike traditional leashes, it doesn’t attract moisture or dirt, is easy to keep clean with a damp paper towel, feels comfortable in your hand, and comes in a variety of lengths and vibrant colors for leading and training purposes.  The Brahma Lead is very well constructed of Brahma Soft-Grip material and premium quality hardware so that it will last for years and comes with a lifetime warranty. Check out the entire line of collars, leashes, leads and other pet accessories offered by Bold Lead Designs. 

Brahma Lead by Bold Lead Designs – Gotta Love It!