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Wishing all of our “Gotta Love It” readers a safe, warm and happy entry into 2018!

Welcoming the New Year — Gotta Love It!


Washington State-based Tim’s Cascade Snacks ( offers you two new special batch crunchy snack offerings to make your New Year’s Eve Party buffet more tasty!

Tim’s Maple Bacon is a slightly sweet and savory new potato chip featuring the combined marriage of maple syrup and crisply fried bacon, while Tim’s Hawaii Sweet Chili has a nice pizzazz that goes well with creamy dips, a spicy chip with just the right amount of heat.  Tim’s Cascade Snacks offers a full array of snack foods made from locally grown sources in the Pacific Northwest.

Tim’s Cascade Snacks new Maple Bacon and Hawaii Sweet Chili Chips – Gotta Love It!


And to all a Good Night!…   from “Gotta Love It”


Even if you don’t have your home decorated with a freshly cut evergreen this Christmas season, Air Wick ( can  help to fill every room of your house with the refreshing fragrance of a freshly cut woodland pine tree.

Air Wick is featuring a variety of scented oil products that you conveniently plug into any wall outlet in order to spread the holiday aroma of Woodland Pine, Pumpkin Spice, Warm Apple Crumble or Warm Mahogany.  Packages with bonus bottles are available now, with each bottle lasting approximately 45 hours. What we liked best about Air Wick Spread the Joy Warmers was the clean, light and refreshing fragrances that didn’t overpower the environment, yet added a distinctive aroma that made the room a more pleasant and inviting place to spend time.

Air Wick Spread the Joy Scented Oil Warmers – Gotta Love It!

exploreCheck out Explore Pastas ( when planning your Christmas and New Year’s Eve holiday buffets to create some unique and delicious dishes that display the festive color of the season.

We recently sampled Explore’s Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine, which is not only a protein-rich buffet offering but also marries  well with red bell peppers, tomatoes and tomato sauce for a festive red and green color scheme that tastes just as delicious as it looks. Explore also features an array of bean, pulse and rice pastas along with rice noodles so you can get a bit creative with your holiday menu items this season.

Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettucine – Gotta Love It!

discovery express

Anyone in the family who has an insatiable curiosity about trains, planes and automobiles will love finding “Welcome Aboard the Discovery Express” ( under the Christmas tree.

Written by Emily Hawkins and Tom Adams, with illustrations by Tom Clohoshy-Cole, Welcome Aboard features more than 50 die-cut flaps among its pages which the reader can lift up to uncover numerous mysteries regarding the invention of such vehicles as trains, cars, hot-air balloons, submarines and planes.  Although the audience for this oversized book is youngsters, even adults with a passion for the various modes of travel will appreciate this very informative and entertaining book, jam-packed with information dispensed in a very visual and creative manner.

“Welcome Aboard The Discovery Express” – Gotta Love It!


The thoughtful host or hostess always offers non-alcoholic options for holiday parties and Sparkling Ice ( makes a great alternative to boring flavored waters.

We recently sampled this Washington-based company’s very refreshing Black Raspberry and Strawberry Watermelon sugar free sparkling water varieties. The color is so vibrant and the taste so pure and tantalizing that all you need do is add ice and a garnish to create a very impressive holiday mocktail.  A special bonus to Sparkling Ice is the inclusion of such nutritional ingredients as Vitamin B and Vitamin D.  Keep a supply of the more than 20 enticing flavors handy from Christmas through New Year’s as a sparkling water option for those who don’t imbibe the hard stuff. yet still prefer a festive beverage. 

Sparkling Ice – Gotta Love It!



For children of all ages, the recently released Illumanatomy by Carnovsky, written by Kate Davies ( offers a fascinating peak inside the human body.

This oversized book comes complete with a special viewing tool stored inside the front cover. When the reader views the oversized illustrations of the human body, using the red, green or blue lens, it makes images inside the book pop to 3-D life.  Illumanatomy provides hours of educational fun as you go from head and brain all the way down to hands and feet, exploring the intricate maze of bone, muscle and blood that makes the human machine work. A great stocking stuffer for the medical student or anyone interested in physiology.

Illumanatomy by Carnovsky, written by Kate Davies – Gotta Love It!


Anna Kenna has crafted an engaging story about puppy mill farming operations and a brave young crusader who works to bring it out of the shadows in her “Viola Vincent Reporting…UNDERDOG” (

This book makes a great stocking stuffer for youngsters to encourage a sense of compassion for animals. Caitlin is the young heroine of this tale who stumbles upon a puppy farm operating in her community and does everything in her power to bring a halt to the cruelty it inflicts on the dogs who pass through its gates. 

Viola Vincent Reporting…UNDERDOG” by Anna Kenna – Gotta Love It!

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Anyone seeking inspiration to make 2018 the best year of their lives can benefit from “Rituals for Transformation”, a 108 Day Journey To Your Sacred Life by Briana and Dr. Peter Borten (

Each day presents the reader with a journaling exercise based on a single empowering thought, such as “All the Energy I Need is Available to me” or “Nothing of True Value is Ever Lost”. This 108-day program is especially beneficial for those who feel lost, confused or need to re-establish personal meaning in their life, and makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list looking for inspired change in such areas as physical and emotional well-being, dealing with stress, nutrition and fitness.

Rituals for Transformation” by Briana and Dr. Peter Borten – Gotta Love It!