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Need to escape from the stress and constant motion of the holiday season? Simon and Schuster ( have premiered a digital re-release of Jackie Collins’ blockbuster novel, “Hollywood Wives”.

First released in hardcover in 1983, “Hollywood Wives” tells the fascinating tale of the ambitious search for fame, power, money and sex among the wives of the entertainment industry’s elite.  This insider’s look around Hollywood makes for great soap opera and now you can enjoy this escapist reading on Kindle and other digital devices. Kindle gift cards make an affordable stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Hollywood Wives” by Jackie Collins in digital re-release — Gotta Love It!



If you have one or a family of four-footed friends at your house, don’t forget to plan on stocking stuffers to treat your cats and dogs this holiday season, whether they’ve been naughty or nice. A company with the unusual name of “I and Love and you” ( offers an amazing array of healthy foods and treats without corn, wheat, soy or rice, featuring real meats, Omega 3s and 6s,, along with prebiotics and probiotics for good digestive health.

Our trio of canine Musketeers recently sampled “I and Love and you”‘s Naked Essential with Lamb & Bison kibble, in cute little heart shapes, which they promptly gobbled down for breakfast.  High paws of approval all around.  Check out the company’s website for their full array of  natural and healthy pet food products and treats, minus the artificial fillers and other junk too prevalent in the pet food industry today.  You can purchase “I and Love and You” online or locally at Wegmans, Shoprite and Whole Food Market locations.

Grain-free, all real ingredient “I and Love and you” pet food products and treats – Gotta Love It!


Few aromas signify the holiday as much as pumpkin pie!  Clifton, NJ-based Pereg  Natural Foods offers a sweet and savory Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend ( to shake over and into your favorite party foods.

Pereg Pumpkin Pie is a very aromatic blend of allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg, with a fragrance that smells very much like fresh pumpkin pie coming out of the oven. This rich blend of authentic spices has a beautiful camel brown color and comes packaged with a shaker top for easy dispensing.  Add it to coffee or hot tea, as a finishing touch to whipped cream, or use it to season soups and stews or even make a few pies and cakes for the buffet table.  Check out the Pereg website for their full array of authentic spice blends and other gourmet natural food offerings.

Pereg Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend — Gotta Love It!

designedfor one

The American Diabetes Association recently premiered another great culinary resource, “Designed for One! 120 Diabetes-Friendly Dishes Just for You” by Nancy S. Hughes. (

This recipe book is an invaluable guide for those who live alone and prepare their own meals and although it’s directed to help those living with diabetes, it can just as easily be used by singles who want to enjoy preparing colorful and healthy meals without spending a lot or having to use recipes that results in left-overs. Among the many creative offerings are a Red Pepper Mushroom Skillet Pizza, Poached Salmon with Creamy Cucumber -Caper Sauce, and Mexican Shrimp with Lime. Most of Hughes’ recipes take less than 10 minutes to make, most using affordable ingredients you already have in your pantry or seasonal ingredients readily available at the market.

Designed for One! 120 Diabetes-Friendly Dishes Just For You! by Nancy S. Hughes – Gotta Love It!


For those on your gift list who want to get their financial act together in 2018 (maybe its YOU), we offer books worth considering that can help you work smarter, not harder, plan for retirement, be a more savvy investor and collector, and increase your earnings:

The Five Hour Workday: Live Differently, Unlock Productivity and Find Happiness by Stephan Aarstol ( offers a revolutionary way to look at your work life, work-life balance, and how to actually gain more financial and emotional freedom by working less hours per day.


Close Deals Faster by John Asher ( offers simple shortcuts to closing sales faster, an array of fundamental sales skills to perfect in order to overcome any sales resistance, and tips for connecting better with prospective customers.


Road Rules for Retirement by Mark Fried ( helps the reader craft a journey to retirement that is not only financially secure but also enjoyable.


Collect Value Divest, authored by The Savvy Appraiser Dr. Elizabeth Stewart ( provides you with a wealth of tools to determine what’s worth collecting and what you’ve already collected might be worth.


For those in job transition, Marion McGovern’s Thriving in the Gig Economy: How to Capitalize and Compete in the New World of Work ( offers savvy advice on building your brand in the digital world.


Investment Strategies for Tortoises by Robert G. Kahl ( covers a broad range of investment topics for individuals who want to better manage their own investments, whether guided by a financial advisor or not.

Books that help ensure a more prosperous 2018 – Gotta Love It!


Here’s another addition to our list of great Christmas gift books for youngsters this holiday season — “Good Night, Baby Animals You’ve Had a Busy Day” by Karen B. Winnick, illustrated by Laura Watkins (

This book presents a compilation of six very charming tales about baby tigers, elephants, giraffes, rhino, pandas and gorillas and their mothers. It’s a great way to introduce children to the wild animal kingdom and to help them develop a sense of compassion regarding these endangered species.

Good Night, Baby Animals You’ve Had a Busy Day by Karen B. Winnick – Gotta Love It!


Encouraging a love of reading is one of the best gifts you can give any child this holiday season and we’ve come across some great suggestions for filling Christmas stockings when it comes to good books that expand the imagination:

Wipeout the Wave by Billy Baldwin, illustrated by Liesl Bell , from Decozen Books ( is the charming story of an adventurous young wave who goes traveling the Seven Seas around the globe to find his rightful place in the world.


Castle in Danger by Karen Rita Rautenberg and published by Wonderberry Press ( takes young readers back in time to the exciting days of knights, castles and brave adventures in the Middle Ages.


Veronica and the Volcano by Geoffrey Cook and illustrated by Gabrielle Shamsey, published by Violet Moon (, is the engaging tale of 10-year old Veronica and her search for pearls on the far side of Mount Mystery.


Mackensie Goes Adventuring by J.L. Baumann and illustrated by Gabriel Roman, from Post Mortem Publications (, follows what happens when curious Snookie girl Mackenzie decides not to take her usual route home after school.

Good book as wonderful Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers – Gotta Love It!


Robert Eddison’s Wisdom & Wordplay  ( makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys aphorisms and witty sayings. 

This little book is cram-packed with 300 original one-liners to ponder on a broad range of subjects. Picking up and perusing these tidbits on a daily basis offers a fun and entertaining way to keep your mind young and active and your curiosity in tact.

Robert Eddison’s Wisdom & Wordplay – Gotta Love It!


When family, friends and loved ones aren’t near this holiday season, you can send them your best wishes with a gift basket from, now celebrating its 15th anniversary (


We recently had the pleasure of taste-testing their Pineapple Dried Fruit Platter (pictured above), featuring 30 ounces of artfully arranged, sweet and tender, dried fruits, including Kiwi, Pineapple, Apricots, Figs, Dates and Apple Rings, all showcased on a reusable bamboo cutting board in the shape of a pineapple, the symbol of hospitality. This colorful treat is perfect for those on your list who love sweets but enjoy an offering that’s much healthier than traditional chocolate candy boxes. The Winter Wonderland Gift Basket is another great choice, offering a selection of boxed sweet and savory snacks, including popcorn, Ghirardelli chocolate bars, wafer cookies and peanut crunch.  There is something to fit everyone’s budget and the website offers several sale and free shipping options. 

Gifts from – Gotta Love It!


“A Dog for Christmas” by Linda Byler ( is a heartwarming story about a young boy and his brother during the Depression, the adversity and losses they experience, and how one special dog changes their life.

This book makes a meaningful holiday gift for dog lovers and anyone who has faced recent challenges and losses, to provide hope, renewal and a belief that Divine Providence will make all things right again.

A Dog For Christmas” by Linda Byler – Gotta Love It!