Whether or not diabetes impacts you or a member of your family, the American Diabetes Association’s new “Complete Month of Meals Collection” (www.shopdiabetes.org) is a cookbook worth addition to your library.

The first section of this spiral bound volume is cut into three sections offering breakfast, luncheon and dinner recipes so you can flip through them and choose the three that seem most appealing for that day. The second half is a collection of diabetes-friendly recipes for different segments of the day, along with sides and salads, desserts, sauces and drinks. Each recipe also features detailed calorie and nutritional information, along with serving sizes and estimated prep times. Spanish Omelet, Waldorf Salad and Pan Fried Fish Fillet are among the many recipe suggestions that allow you to create almost limitless daily menu combinations.

The Complete Month of Meals Collection by the American Diabetes Association – Gotta Love It!