Meat eaters traditionally pass on most vegan dishes because, well, they would miss the meat. But cookbook author Candice Hutchings has cleverly substituted an array of vegan food products, combined with spices, flavorings and other vegan ingredients so that even carnivores can get their kicks from the 138 recipes offered in “The Edgy Veg” (www.robertrose.ca) from Robert Rose Publishing.

How about chowing down on a burger made from Portobello mushroom caps, or Buffalo Wings created from cauliflower florettes, and bacon created from coconut, mushroom or rice paper, with not a pig in sight?  “The Edgy Veg” presents 138 fun and creative ways to feed your face and cut down on your meat and dairy consumption by using the right combination of ingredients to mimic the familiar tastes and flavors you love as a carnivore, but without an ounce of harm coming to farm animals!  Bravo!

“The Edgy Veg” by Candice Hutchings – Gotta Love It!