When Howard Shifke was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, he re-examined his life, his attitudes toward self-love and forgiveness, and decided to embark on a journey that eventually results in the complete elimination of the signs and symptoms of this neurological disease.  “Fighting Parkinson’s…And Winning” (  is the amazing story of that journey.

Deciding to fight for his recovery without the use of traditional pharmaceutical medications, Shifke designed his own “Recipe for Recovery” that involved deep self-examination, exercise, changes in diet and other alternative therapies. Shifke’s experiences will certainly inspire and give hope to the millions of others who are experiencing the impact that chronic disease has on quality of life. This book offers many alternative mental and physical ways to overcome disease and regain improved life quality based on Shifke’s experiences with  his self-designed daily program that included meditation, vegan dining choices, Qigong exercises and a restoration of faith, self-love and forgiveness into his life.

Fighting Parkinson’s …And Winning” by Howard Shifke – Gotta Love It!