If you’ve been searching for a way to gently teach your children to celebrate rather than judge the differences they encounter in others, Absurdimals: Lola Goes to School, written by Gwendolyn Javor and Illustrated by Melissa Aker Spears (https://www.absurdimalsseries.com/) offers you a lovely way to do this.

This charming tale introduces the reader to a Belephant named Lola, half-rabbit and half-elephant, who sadly encounters discrimination at school because she is different. But by the end of the tale, once Lola and her classmates realize the truth that we all have differences that make each of us special and unique, there is greater acceptance that there is absolutely everything right about being proud to be yourself and not exactly like everyone else! Check out the author’s website to be informed about upcoming new Absurdimals in this children’s book series.

Absurdimals: Lola Goes to School by Gwendolyn Javor and Melissa Aker Spears – Gotta Love It!