If you’re looking for a great way to rev up your circulation and get ready to be more active this spring, start using the T-Tapp Body Brush as part of your daily health routine (https://www.t-tapp.com/what-is-t-tapp).

The T-Tapp Body Brush is applied gently in quick strokes to dry skin in order to stimulate blood circulation, exfoliate the skin, tone muscles, strengthen the body’s immune system response and help move toxins out of the system faster. Body brushing has long been an accepted health practice in Europe for both health and longevity.  After trying out the T-Tapp Body Brush daily  for the past two weeks, our skin feels softer and looks better, our digestion is better and we feel more energized to begin another day. We’ll be talking more about the T-Tapp exercise program developed by Teresa Tapp to lose weight and tone up in a future blog.

The T-Tapp Body Brush – Gotta Love It!