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For a heartwarming story of how an adopted dog spends his day with other members of the animal kingdom, there’s no better choice than “Isosceles’ Day”, beautifully illustrated and sensitively written by Kevin J. Meehan (

This formerly abused dog discovers a wonderful life that includes singing, dancing, and playing before enjoying a well-deserved good night’s rest,  with each activity accompanied by a wide variety of animal friends.

“Isoscele’s Day”  by Kevin J. Meehan – Gotta Love It!



Alessi Foods ( is making it easier than ever this summer to enjoy a delicious side dish with your grilled hamburgers, pork chops and steaks with its line-up of Farro quick cook grains.

We recently sampled Alessi’s Porcini Mushroom Farro, featuring an ancient Roman grain that is high in fiber and protein and very easy to digest. Within 25 minutes, we were enjoying a savory risotto-like side dish that was chewy in texture and slightly nutty to the taste, with the rich aroma of earthy porcini mushrooms. Alessi also offers other flavor varieties of Farro, including Four Cheese, Beets & Spinach, and Butternut Squash and Kale.  We  discovered that our Porcini Mushroom Farro made a delicious one-bowl breakfast meal, served at room temperature rather than hot. And  it’s easy to have a variety of packages in your kitchen cabinet ready to cook as a side for any meat, poultry or seafood main course.

Alessi Porcini Mushroom Farro – Gotta Love It!