Since breakfast IS the most important meal of the day,  there’s no reason it should be boring!  GrandyOats Real Granolas (  are sure to push your regular a.m. cereal routine to the back of the pantry!

Crafted in small batches in Maine in a solar-powered bakery, GrandyOats provides you with a grain-free, coconut-based granola that is chewy, crunchy and chock full of nutritious and delicious ingredients such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, hemp, coconut chips and pecans. GrandyOats can be enjoyed as a snack straight out of the bag or served with your favorite type of milk or cream, topped with fresh fruit.  Since its founding in 1979, GrandyOats remains committed to eliminating artificial ingredients from its granola recipe, so you can receive purely good taste, plenty of nutrition and a delicious breakfast or snack option!

GrandyOats Real Granolas – Gotta Love It!