You probably invest a lot of money in your baseball caps, hats, motorcycle helmets, hardhats and other head gear. So you know how quickly these often-used items can become sweaty and smelly.

NoSweat ( is a Minnesota-based company that has developed a line-up of products designed to wick sweat away from your skin, keep it from getting into your eyes, and minimizing sweat stains in your head gear. Their Sweat Absorbing Disposable Hat Liner is easy to insert in your hat or cap, quickly absorbs moisture to keep your forehead feeling dry, then can just as easily be removed and replaced with a fresh disposable liner for wear the next day. Besides liners for baseball and sports caps, NoSweat also makes Sweat Absorbing liners for helmets and hard hats. Some of the biggest pros and teams in the sports world wear these liners. And these ingenious liners make great affordable stocking stuffers, too, with the holidays right around the corner!

NoSweat Sweat Absorbing Disposable Hat, Helmet and Hard Hat Liners – Gotta Love It!