Before you pop another over the counter pain pill or something stronger, you owe it yourself to investigate “The Survival Guide for Pain Free Living” DVD ( with long-time yoga instructor Peggy Cappy and neuromuscular therapist Lee Albert (

This 4-dvd set offers three yoga workouts which you can follow at separate occasions or one right after the other. Cappy has a gentle way of encouraging individuals to do what they can today to breathe more deeply and fully, stretch a little farther and begin to subtly rebalance their bodies which is often a major cause of pain and stress.  The sessions last between 25 and 45 minutes, and it’s a smart investment of your time no matter what part of the day or night you chose to follow along.  Cappy’s program proves that inch by inch, it’s a cinch to begin the journey toward alleviating the pain that takes away from the quality of your life, with out the side effects or expense of medication or surgery.

“The Survival Guide for Pain Free Living” DVD by Peggy Cappy with Lee Albert – Gotta Love It!