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Here’s wishing all of our readers more treats than tricks today and a spooktacular Halloween holiday!


Halloween 2018 – Gotta Love It!


The release of the second edition of George Geary’s “The Cheesecake Bible” (  on Halloween is a sweet treat for cheesecake fans with more than a few new tricks included on how to present delicious and creative cheesecake versions that are unusual, create and savory rather than sweet.

This updated edition offers recipes for new savory cheesecakes that use such ingredients as heirloom tomatoes, garlic and chick peas, Maine lobster and chili with cheddar cheese. This volume also includes the many traditional cheesecake recipes that have made The Cheesecake Bible a favorite for years with home bakers, including Red Velvet Cheesecake, Caramel Apple Cheesecake and Lindy’s New York-Style Cheesecake.  With recipes for 300 sweet as well as savory cheesecakes included, you can just about serve a different cheesecake a day over the next year!  The Cheesecake Bible second edition also makes a great holiday gift for the sweet-tooth on your gift list.

The Cheesecake Bible Second Edition by George Geary – Gotta Love It!


Bariatric Post-Op patients no don’t need to sacrifice taste, texture or quality in their menus, thanks to Lisa Sharon Belkin’s “Comfort Cooking for Bariatric Post-Ops and Everyone Else” (

This book fills a void in the recipe book category serving those who have had gastric band surgery to help achieve their weight loss goals.  More than 90 low carb and low fat recipes cover the full gamut, from beverages and appetizers through soups, party-ready dips, entrees and desserts, with each recipe accompanied by a color photo of the finished dish. From Mom’s Hungarian Beef Stew and Caesar Salad to Fried Rice and Pumpkin Pie Mousse, each easy to prepare recipe is designed for bariatric post-ops but are delicious enough to serve to everyone else in the family. “Comfort Cooking” makes a great holiday gift for anyone who loves good food but also wants to keep their weight and waistlines in check.

ComfortCooking for Bariatric Post-Ops and Everyone Else by lisa Sharon Belkin — Gotta  Love It!


Children are especially vulnerable to feeling the pressures of wanting to be perfect. But a new children’s book by Flibber T. Gibbet, ” Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate” ( will offer them a new perspective about how to handle things that go wrong.

Beautifully illustrated by Rob Foote, this amusing tale of a ship’s captain who refuses to tolerate anything less then perfection helps children realize the foolishness of refusing to see that being perfect also means that mistakes will happen now and then.  This is a colorful and entertaining book that makes a great holiday stocking stuffer, not only encouraging kids to read but also providing them with valuable lessons that can help build self-acceptance as well as self-esteem.

“Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate” by Flibber T. Gibbet, illustrated by Rob Foote – Gotta Love It!


Put away that sugar bowl this holiday season and put out bottles of new Local Hive Honey (, produced by L. R. Rice, the American premiere producer of raw and unfiltered honeys since 1924.

Local Hive Honey offers 16 varieties of honeys locally sourced from areas throughout the United States, including Florida,  Southern California , New England, the Northeast, Texas, Utah and the Southwest, then bottled in Colorado.   We recently sampled the New England and Northeast varieties and found them rich and thick with a sweet satisfying flavor, perfect for use to top French toast or morning oatmeal,  enhance a freshly brewed cup of tea and for a myriad of uses in holiday recipes. The aroma is enticing and each bottle features a convenient dispenser top to eliminate messy spills. Local Hive Honey uses a number of floral sources, including alfalfa, clover, wildflower and sage and each variety uses a different combination for a unique taste.   Each 16-ounce bottle also makes a sweet stocking stuffer for the chef or home cook on your gift list!


Local Hive Honey from L.R. Rice – Gotta Love It!



As the days grow colder and the nights longer, “The Adventures of Eli Benjamin Bear” ( provides the perfect opportunity to begin a tradition of bedtime storytelling with your children or grandchildren.

This is a charming tale about a bear who needs repair on his heart and his courageous journey toward that goal, told entirely in rhyme. The story has been beautifully written by Hal Price and illustrated by Michael Bayouth.  It’s a lucky child who will find “The Adventures of Eli Benjamin Bear” underneath the Christmas tree this holiday season!

The Adventures of Eli Benjamin Bear by Hal Price, illustrations by Michael Bayouth — Gotta Love It!


If you are ready to party hearty this holiday season, but want some choices beyond traditional cocktails, check out “The Geeky Chef Drinks” by Geeky Chef Cassandra Reeder ( , just released this week by Race Point Publishing (

There are nine different categories of showstopping cocktails, inspired by such movie, TV and entertainment legends as “Star Trek”, the “Harry Potter” series, “Game of Thrones”, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and “The Blues Brothers”. These are libations that emphasize stunning colors as well as very creative presentations, with each recipe accompanied by gorgeous 4-color photography of the finished  cocktail. This book also makes a great stocking stuffer for those on your gift list who enjoy imbibing in style!

The Geeky Chef Drinks by Cassandra Reeder – Gotta Love It!


The updated fourth edition of “When A Child Has Diabetes”, authored by Denis Daneman, Shaun Barrett and Jennifer Harrington (, premiered this week.

It serves as a comprehensive guidebook to answer questions and quell the fears of parents and children alike who may feel overwhelmed when facing this serious health condition. This easy to understand guidebook proves that being well informed helps you regain control of your life.  If you or anyone in your family has a child or children diagnosed with diabetes, this comprehensive resource makes the perfect gift – at holiday time or any time of the year!

When AChild Has Diabetes – 4th Edition – Gotta Love It!


One of your best sources for affordable and creative stocking stuffers this holiday season is Avon (, a company that’s been around a very long time and always manages to top itself with quality unique products that include beauty, home décor, fashion and now even health supplements.

We may be biased, but we recently discovered one of the best Avon representatives in the business in our own local community, Wanda Litke,  ( and the catalogs she recently delivered showcase a beautiful assortment of gift items for men, women and children for the 2018 holiday season, like the Sparkling Light Up Tree featured above.  And the beauty of shopping Avon to fill your holiday gift list is that you can do it from the comfort of your easy chair — check out Wanda’s website for free shipping offers or find a rep in your area who can make the shopping season a lot less stressful and much more affordable!

Avon for Holiday Gifts — Gotta Love It!



This Tuesday marks the release of a very  creative cocktail recipe book by Michael P. Foley, “Drinking with Saint Nick” (

One of the nicest traditions of the holiday season is sharing a cup of cheer with family and friends. “Drinking with Saint Nick” mixes historical lore with a wide array of creative Christmas cocktail recipes that will carry you from the first of December, all the way through to the Feast of Candlemas on February 2.   Why not add a Mexico Pacifico, Solitude is Bliss, Partridge in a Pear Tree or a Sage Gold Rush Cocktail to your bartending recipes this season.  “Drinking with Saint Nick” also makes a wonderful stocking stuffer , accompanied by a bottle or two of the recipient’s favorite spirits.

“Drinking with Saint Nick” by Michael P. Foley — Gotta Love It!