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If you are ready to party hearty this holiday season, but want some choices beyond traditional cocktails, check out “The Geeky Chef Drinks” by Geeky Chef Cassandra Reeder ( , just released this week by Race Point Publishing (

There are nine different categories of showstopping cocktails, inspired by such movie, TV and entertainment legends as “Star Trek”, the “Harry Potter” series, “Game of Thrones”, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and “The Blues Brothers”. These are libations that emphasize stunning colors as well as very creative presentations, with each recipe accompanied by gorgeous 4-color photography of the finished  cocktail. This book also makes a great stocking stuffer for those on your gift list who enjoy imbibing in style!

The Geeky Chef Drinks by Cassandra Reeder – Gotta Love It!



The updated fourth edition of “When A Child Has Diabetes”, authored by Denis Daneman, Shaun Barrett and Jennifer Harrington (, premiered this week.

It serves as a comprehensive guidebook to answer questions and quell the fears of parents and children alike who may feel overwhelmed when facing this serious health condition. This easy to understand guidebook proves that being well informed helps you regain control of your life.  If you or anyone in your family has a child or children diagnosed with diabetes, this comprehensive resource makes the perfect gift – at holiday time or any time of the year!

When AChild Has Diabetes – 4th Edition – Gotta Love It!


One of your best sources for affordable and creative stocking stuffers this holiday season is Avon (, a company that’s been around a very long time and always manages to top itself with quality unique products that include beauty, home décor, fashion and now even health supplements.

We may be biased, but we recently discovered one of the best Avon representatives in the business in our own local community, Wanda Litke,  ( and the catalogs she recently delivered showcase a beautiful assortment of gift items for men, women and children for the 2018 holiday season, like the Sparkling Light Up Tree featured above.  And the beauty of shopping Avon to fill your holiday gift list is that you can do it from the comfort of your easy chair — check out Wanda’s website for free shipping offers or find a rep in your area who can make the shopping season a lot less stressful and much more affordable!

Avon for Holiday Gifts — Gotta Love It!



This Tuesday marks the release of a very  creative cocktail recipe book by Michael P. Foley, “Drinking with Saint Nick” (

One of the nicest traditions of the holiday season is sharing a cup of cheer with family and friends. “Drinking with Saint Nick” mixes historical lore with a wide array of creative Christmas cocktail recipes that will carry you from the first of December, all the way through to the Feast of Candlemas on February 2.   Why not add a Mexico Pacifico, Solitude is Bliss, Partridge in a Pear Tree or a Sage Gold Rush Cocktail to your bartending recipes this season.  “Drinking with Saint Nick” also makes a wonderful stocking stuffer , accompanied by a bottle or two of the recipient’s favorite spirits.

“Drinking with Saint Nick” by Michael P. Foley — Gotta Love It!


We recently caught up with The Amazing Kreskin (, who is busy preparing for special events in Nyack, NY on October 26 and Atlantic  City October 27 (  

Kreskin admits “Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year” and although he says he’s never had an experience of spirit communication, “I have visited around the world many homes and dwellings that were espoused to be haunted…rooms and buildings I’ve gone into that seem to have a ‘spirit’ or climate all their own.”  

We asked if he had any advice for people feeling challenged by current difficulties and he was quick to agree that “these are challenging times and even our climate has become one of stress for the public. The feeling of security and confidentiality is rapidly disappearing from western culture.”  But Kreskin admits there is a solution – “we need to sit down and communicate better with those we feel close to and those we trust.”  He views the cell phone often as “an interrupter of communications” in the 21st century and calls the art of “listening – literally hearing what someone is saying without letting your mind become distracted” as “an activity people don’t understand anymore.”

Kreskin recommends adopting a habit he’s practiced since he was growing up in New Jersey – ‘having a pad next to your bed before you go to sleep, along with a pencil”. The famous mentalist says that this practice will remind you to write down any ideas or thoughts upon awakening that may provide solutions to a multitude of problems or concerns.

As for 2019, The Amazing Kreskin sees a drop in car sales and less money overall being spent on cars as people continue to feel the congestion of heavy traffic. He also foresees that board games will become popular again, hopefully helping people communicate better and connect beyond technology. But he warns that  2019 will also bring “more and more attempts to influence our behavior – more special interest teams, whether political, psychological or commercial, attempting to influence our behavior, our interests and our lifestyle.”  

Seeking Kreskin in a live performance makes a great Halloween treat, or check out his fascinating book outlining many future predictions that will influence the world,  “In Real Time” ( 

The Amazing Kreskin and his mental talents – Gotta Love It!



















drink me

The newly released Drink Me: Curious Cocktails from Wonderland by Nick Perry and Paul Rosser ( is a must-have for any true-blue Alice in Wonderland fan.

It features an inspired array of creative drinks and libations based on the evergreen tale of Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole, although be forewarned that many of the ingredients required are exotic and expensive for the average party budget.  Nonetheless, this guide is a wonderful addition to any liquor library of recipes and includes very good educational information regarding the techniques and equipment necessary to make a memorable cocktail.  “Drink Me” makes a great holiday stocking stuffer!

Drink Me: Curious Cocktails from Wonderland by Nick Perry and Paul Rosser – Gotta Love It!


Polaner ( recently introduced a new array of premium fruit spreads to their line-up of  fruit-based spreads, jams and jellies that makes a versatile condiment for your upcoming holiday menus.


Every jar of Polaner Fruit & Maple features pure fruit and Maple Grove Farms pure maple syrup, with nothing artificial and no high fructose corn syrup.  Available in raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and peach varieties, Polaner Fruit & Maple make a great topping for pancakes, English muffins, toast, or French toast at the breakfast table.  This gluten-free and kosher spread is  also a welcome addition to your holiday party buffet, for spreading on crackers paired with goat cheese or for use as a topping on baked brie cheese, chicken or ham or for creative sandwiches.  The flavor is rich and delicious, so a little goes a long way. We like the fact that this new spread adds delicious fruit flavor and just a touch of sweetness to anything it is paired with.

Polaner Fruit & Maple — Gotta Love It!


“The Kindness Advantage” by Dale Atkins and Amanda Salzhauer ( is a beautifully written guide to raising children who have the strength to display kindness, empathy and compassion to others who may be different or disadvantaged.

In a world that’s increasingly filled with self-absorption, hate, mean-spirited words and actions and unkindness, “The Kindness Advantage” offers real life case studies of just how easy it can be to teach growing children to treat others they encounter with kindness and respect. There are numerous exercises suggested for raising a child’s kindness quotient in a way that’s fun and engaging as well as educational. Even if you are not a parent, this book provides a gentle reminder of how to brush up on your own skills related to demonstrating empathy and compassion. It also makes a lovely holiday gift for parents feeling a bit overwhelmed as to just how to raise caring kids in this “all about me” world.

“The Kindness Advantage” by Dale Atkins and Amanda Salzhauer – Gotta Love It!



It had to happen sooner or later, creating a cartoon tale about the current occupant of the White House, “Donald and the Golden Crayon” by P. Shauers from Schiffer Publishing  (

Whether you love him, hate him or feel somewhere in between will influence your view of this humorous satire that employs all of the Donald’s infamous speech patterns and favorite words and phrases. If the President’s actions and attitudes want to make you cry, better you should laugh by reading this very clever adult parody of the man who would be king! The perfect stocking stuffer for those on your list who enjoy politics, satire and humor.

Donald and the Golden Crayon” by P. Shauers — Gotta Love it


For the armchair traveler or the adventurer on your holiday gift list, Reedy Press (www. offers an array of “Secret” guides to various USA cities, including Philadelphia,  St. Louis, Phoenix, Chicago and Cleveland, that provide “A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure”, all located within that region of the country.

A museum dedicated to the Three Stooges, an East Coast version of Alcatraz,  one of America’s oldest churchyard cemeteries, and the oldest open-air market in the country are just some of the quirky and unique places you can discover in “Secret Philadelphia” by Mary Dixon LeBeau. This guide features 90 attractions, each with a 2-page overview complete with photos and a sidebar giving location, admission cost if any, and other essential information for getting the most out of a visit there. These Secret Guides are great as stocking stuffers, either for the city your recipient lives in or near, or to stimulate interest in a place they have always wanted to visit!

Secret Philadelphia” by Mary Dixon Lebeau and other guides “to the Weird, Wonderful and Obsure” from Reedy Press – Gotta Love It!