We recently caught up with The Amazing Kreskin (, who is busy preparing for special events in Nyack, NY on October 26 and Atlantic  City October 27 (  

Kreskin admits “Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year” and although he says he’s never had an experience of spirit communication, “I have visited around the world many homes and dwellings that were espoused to be haunted…rooms and buildings I’ve gone into that seem to have a ‘spirit’ or climate all their own.”  

We asked if he had any advice for people feeling challenged by current difficulties and he was quick to agree that “these are challenging times and even our climate has become one of stress for the public. The feeling of security and confidentiality is rapidly disappearing from western culture.”  But Kreskin admits there is a solution – “we need to sit down and communicate better with those we feel close to and those we trust.”  He views the cell phone often as “an interrupter of communications” in the 21st century and calls the art of “listening – literally hearing what someone is saying without letting your mind become distracted” as “an activity people don’t understand anymore.”

Kreskin recommends adopting a habit he’s practiced since he was growing up in New Jersey – ‘having a pad next to your bed before you go to sleep, along with a pencil”. The famous mentalist says that this practice will remind you to write down any ideas or thoughts upon awakening that may provide solutions to a multitude of problems or concerns.

As for 2019, The Amazing Kreskin sees a drop in car sales and less money overall being spent on cars as people continue to feel the congestion of heavy traffic. He also foresees that board games will become popular again, hopefully helping people communicate better and connect beyond technology. But he warns that  2019 will also bring “more and more attempts to influence our behavior – more special interest teams, whether political, psychological or commercial, attempting to influence our behavior, our interests and our lifestyle.”  

Seeking Kreskin in a live performance makes a great Halloween treat, or check out his fascinating book outlining many future predictions that will influence the world,  “In Real Time” ( 

The Amazing Kreskin and his mental talents – Gotta Love It!