Put away that sugar bowl this holiday season and put out bottles of new Local Hive Honey (, produced by L. R. Rice, the American premiere producer of raw and unfiltered honeys since 1924.

Local Hive Honey offers 16 varieties of honeys locally sourced from areas throughout the United States, including Florida,  Southern California , New England, the Northeast, Texas, Utah and the Southwest, then bottled in Colorado.   We recently sampled the New England and Northeast varieties and found them rich and thick with a sweet satisfying flavor, perfect for use to top French toast or morning oatmeal,  enhance a freshly brewed cup of tea and for a myriad of uses in holiday recipes. The aroma is enticing and each bottle features a convenient dispenser top to eliminate messy spills. Local Hive Honey uses a number of floral sources, including alfalfa, clover, wildflower and sage and each variety uses a different combination for a unique taste.   Each 16-ounce bottle also makes a sweet stocking stuffer for the chef or home cook on your gift list!


Local Hive Honey from L.R. Rice – Gotta Love It!