Bariatric Post-Op patients no don’t need to sacrifice taste, texture or quality in their menus, thanks to Lisa Sharon Belkin’s “Comfort Cooking for Bariatric Post-Ops and Everyone Else” (

This book fills a void in the recipe book category serving those who have had gastric band surgery to help achieve their weight loss goals.  More than 90 low carb and low fat recipes cover the full gamut, from beverages and appetizers through soups, party-ready dips, entrees and desserts, with each recipe accompanied by a color photo of the finished dish. From Mom’s Hungarian Beef Stew and Caesar Salad to Fried Rice and Pumpkin Pie Mousse, each easy to prepare recipe is designed for bariatric post-ops but are delicious enough to serve to everyone else in the family. “Comfort Cooking” makes a great holiday gift for anyone who loves good food but also wants to keep their weight and waistlines in check.

ComfortCooking for Bariatric Post-Ops and Everyone Else by lisa Sharon Belkin — Gotta  Love It!