moneybag cola

KISS Rocker Gene Simmons has scored another winner with the introduction of his new line-up of Moneybag Sodas ( in four thirst-quenching varieties: Cola, Diet Cola, Ginger Ale and Root Beer.

We recently found what Simmons describes as the “royalty” of sodas at our local Wegman’s Supermarket and love the crisp, clear kick that comes from pure sugar cane as one of the key ingredients. And even though USA-made Moneybag Sodas is designed for those with expensive tastes, you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a 4-pack! Cola and Root Beer, complete with foamy head, are our favorites. Also available at select local 7-Eleven locations. A unique and appealing addition to your holiday beverage bar offerings or as a hostess gift when visiting family and friends.

Gene Simmons Moneybag Sodas – Gotta Love It!