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Winter weather can certainly do a number on our skin, making it look dry, damaged, chapped and older!  We found a wonderful solution, one of the best skincare products we have ever tried, created by Dr. Paul Nassif, the amiable and skilled plastic surgeon on the television series “Botched” (www.eonline/shows/botched).

Hydro-Screen Super-Hydrating Serum is among the Nassif MD Bio-Clock Dermaceutical products we highly recommend. It really does work wonders on eliminating signs of aging, especially around the neck area in addition to making hands look younger and facial skin more even and smooth. We used this in conjunction with Nassif MD Detox Pads to help eliminate dirt, grime and accumulated pollution from skin pores at the end of the day. Check out Nassif MD’s complete line of high quality skincare products at You won’t be disappointed!

Nassif MD Bio-Clock Dermaceutical Skincare Products – Gotta Love It!


With a few more weeks left of winter, “This Messy Magnificent Life: A Field Guide” by Geneen Roth ( makes for some interesting reading while you are still hibernating.

This is a quirky little book, hard to describe, written in a stream of consciousness style of writing. Through her own hard-won experiences, the author poses more questions than she has answers to, but we think that every reader will welcome considering these questions in their own life as a kind of a spring housecleaning for the mind.  This Messy Magnificent Life is structured so you can open any chapter, dig in and get something wise, or funny or helpful to ponder.

This Messy Magnificent Life by Geneen Roth – Gotta Love It!


February 6th marked Mid-winter’s day and one of the best things you can do for your health to avoid winter colds and flu is to take a high quality multiple vitamin on a daily basis.

Fans of Dr. Terry Dubrow ( of the popular “Botched” TV series  about plastic surgery may not be aware that he is also involved in a line of nutritional supplements and topical products under the Consulte Health and Consulte Beaute label. (www.

 We opted to try the Mega Vita Beaute Glo formula as our introduction to this product line-up, featuring more than 20 different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and co-factors that safeguard good health and help retard the body’s aging process. We like the convenience of having everything available in two daily convenient easy to swallow capsules.  Primo Beets, Bioactive Collagen Peptide and “EmpowHERment” for women are among some of the other Dubrow formulas, all skillfully crafted by someone experienced in the medical and nutritional field. You might think why pay a bit more for these supplements, but they are worth the investment because they are offering you the highest quality  and purest ingredients, much more effective than most off-the-shelf drugstore brands do!

The Consulte Health and Consulte Beaute Nutritional Products from Dr. Terry Dubrow — Gotta Love it!