March 14th celebrates National Potato Chip Day, and there’s no more delicious way to celebrate than to include Boulder Canyon Potato Chips (  in your snack offerings that day.

These are thick cut, kettle-cooked potato chips that are perfect for dipping. We recently tried the Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt variety, and found them satisfyingly crisp and crunchy,  with a nice balance of salt blended with the complimentary bite of vinegar. And we like that there is no long list of ingredients to make these chips – primarily fine quality potatoes, oil (including avocado, olive and coconut oils)  and sea salt. Small batch cooking ensures product quality! We think you’ll be hooked once you try Boulder Canyon Chips. The brand offers more than 30 options cooked in five different unique oils.

Boulder Canyon Potato Chips  – Gotta Love It!