It’s often said that if you want the same results as someone you envy or admire, emulate what they do and how they act. “Wealth Made Easy: Millionaires and Billionaires Help You Crack the Code to Getting Rich” by Dr. Greg Reid with Gary M. Krebs (www.benbellabooks.com) offers practical and valuable information given by those who are prospering financially.

This guidebook to joining the ranks of the super-rich features 74 short and very informative “hacks” to help you improve your financial picture, showcasing a wide range of real-life examples from individuals and the companies they built into financial prosperous enterprises. This book makes a great graduation gift, but it’s a helpful guide for anyone at any age because it’s never too late to stimulate a mogul mindset and start building wealth.

“Wealth Made Easy” by Dr. Greg Reid with Gary M. Krebs – Gotta Love It!