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Summer is the perfect time to get reacquainted with Laffy Taffy (, that sweet and stretchy candy delighting kids of all ages since 1971.

An array of delicious fruit flavors, including strawberry, cherry, sour apple, watermelon and blue raspberry come in three sizes (minis, ropes and stretchy & tangy bars large enough to share). As if the juicy taste wasn’t enough to keep you smiling, every wrapper also comes with jokes to amuse yourself and your friends. Laffy Taffy is the perfect treat to include in lunch bags, backpacks, lockers and picnic baskets this summer.

Laffy Taffy – Gotta Love It!




Food can be your best medicine, whether you have diabetes, excess weight, high blood pressure or other chronic condition. But it can prove challenging to create fresh and delicious healthy meals for yourself and your family. Even if you can’t afford to have a personal chef in your kitchen, you can afford Healthy Meals Supreme (, a home delivery service that allows you to customize a week’s worth of breakfast, luncheon and dinner entrees that will enable you to savor healthy meals, save time and contribute to your good health.

We recently tried out  Healthy Meals Supreme breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert offerings for a week and found them not only perfectly seasoned and easy to prepare in the microwave, they came out tasting as through a chef had just created them. We savored Denver omelette and zucchini frittata for breakfasts, and enjoyed Creole Shrimp, Keto Stuffed Grass-Fed Meatballs, Pecan Crusted Tilapia, and Chicken Provencal for lunch and dinner. And for our sweet tooth, coconut lemon balls and pecan pie proved very satisfying. 

Your order arrives via FedEx chilled, with each meal packaged in a microwaveable bag. They keep up to 7 days in the refrigerator and you heat and enjoy as needed. There are four different Culinary Medicine inspired meal plans to choose from (Fitness, Simply Healthy, Lose Weight and Chronic Conditions), you’re not locked into a subscription ,and meals are currently specially priced at 20% off! It’s easy to order online or call 1-888-422-6325.

Healthy Meals Supreme – Gotta Love it!


With the official start of the summer season just a few weeks away, we recommend an excellent addition to your library of cookbook volumes that celebrates one of the American South’s favorite stonefruits – peaches!

“Just Peachy” by Belinda Smith-Sullivan ( offers a wide array of excellent ways to enjoy peaches beyond summer and way beyond desserts. The initial chapters tell you everything you could ever want to know about this luscious and delicious fruit offering, with following chapters devoted to soups, sides, sauces, main entrees, desserts and beverages, both cocktail and non-alcoholic. We guarantee you’ll be reaching for this beautifully illustrated volume on a year-round basis, but it’s the perfect way to kick off your summer repertoire of appealing recipes.

“Just Peachy” by Belinda Smith-Sullivan – Gotta Love It!


If you don’t have a backyard to plant an herb garden, or have the kitchen counterspace to grow potted herbs indoors, Gourmet Garden Herbs and Spices ( is the convenient way to always have fresh herbs and spices at the ready.

At home chefs have their choice of stir-in pastes that last in the refrigerator for up to three months, or tubs of lightly dried herbs that stay fresh for up to 4 weeks. There are a dozen varieties of stir-in pastes, including chunky garlic, basil, Italian herbs, ginger and Thai,  along with half a dozen lightly dried varieties, including chili pepper, ginger, parsley and chives. Find Gourmet Garden herbs and spices in the fresh produce section of your local supermarket. They are great to add seasoning and flavor to everything from omelettes and salad dressings to soups, chip dips, guacamole and casseroles.


Gourmet Garden Herbs and Spices — Gotta Love It!


If there is a new mom in your family this Mother’s Day, introduce them to the wonderful line-up of organic baby wellness products from Wellements (

Organic-Vitamin-D-Drops_progressiveIn addition to vitamins and minerals, there are a wide array of remedies that have no parbens, alcohol, dyes,  or unnecessary preservatives or artificial fragrances. Whether baby needs Gripe Water for fussiness, a multi-vitamin to ensure healthy growth, or a soothing balm to heal diaper rash, Wellements offers a solution that gives mothers peace of mind. These quality products make great Mother’s Day and baby shower gifts!

Wellements Organic Baby Wellness Products – Gotta Love It!