We recently had the pleasure of trying a very unique offering in the world of protein bars, featuring a special ingredient that’s becoming more and more valuable as a protein source in the 21st century.

EXO Cricket Protein Bar ( is a slightly sweet, nutty and chewy protein bar option made with a powder created from farm-raised crickets. EXO combines fruits nuts, cricket powder and other natural ingredients to create a delicious snack option providing 10g of protein with no gluten, grains or dairy. The consistency of the bar is similar to a freshly baked brownie, with each 60g bar providing 270 calories.  There are half a dozen flavors to choose from, including chocolate and banana-bread, and for the more adventuresome, EXO also produced pure protein whole-roasted crickets in a variety of seasonings.

EXO Cricket Protein Bar – Gotta Love It!