If as a parent you are searching for a creative way to brooch such topics with your children as financial responsibility, self-care and respect, avoiding debt and accepting a moral code in order to live your best life life, Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice ( offers the perfect literary vehicle.

This is a father and son book project from dad Justin Donner and his son Corrigan Donner. The book’s original sketches are quite entertaining and tell the story of Lando, a street-wise kitty and his friends as they navigate life’s often mean streets. The book also emphasizes the importance of avoiding such traps as debt, crime and poor choices that can inhibit rather than enhance the quality of life. And Ninja Cat doubles as a coloring book and just might inspire some youngsters to stretch their own drawing capabilities.

Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice by Justin and Corrigan Donner — Gotta Love It!