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Wishing everyone a safe entry into a new decade and another New Year!!

A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2020 — Gotta Love It!


We had the chance to talk with acclaimed mentalist The Amazing Kreskin ( this week to give “Gotta Love It” followers some insights into the New Year!

Kreskin sees “a renaissance of interest in astrology” to help guide people out of what he calls  “a confusion so many people are feeling as a result of the complexity of our news and political “dramas that have played out throughout the end of this decade. “Young  people especially  who have moved away from religious beliefs continue to have a thirst for what’s around the corner.”

Kreskin foresees economic concerns being an overriding influence over many people’s lives in the New Year. He notes that there will continue to be a cutback on service positions such as waitstaff in order for businesses to be able to afford increases in the minimum wage, meaning less people doing the bulk of the work. Kreskin notes that many companies such as casinos are using automatrons to do work previously done by humans. 

As an individual who has spent his life dealing with the minds of people of all ages and how they think, I’m sorry to see a breakdown in people’s ability to intimately converse with others,” says Kreskin. And he warns that  far too many individuals have lost the ability to feel empathy for others, “the ability to feel the way someone else feels” in addition to an increasing tendency toward “holding grudges.”

And among the greatest health challenges facing mankind in 2020 is a rapid increase in “loneliness, now rampant in our society. Look at any gathering of people and they’re all sitting there paying attention to their cell phones rather than talking to someone sitting right next to them” complains Kreskin.

Kreskin, the owner of four cats and a dog lover, recommends that anyone looking for a stabilizing influence in their life next year should consider “having a pet, but only after thinking about the responsibilities associated with pet ownership.  The reason dogs are viewed as better friends than people is that dogs wag their tales and not their tongues” he laughs. He’s also more than troubled by increasing reports of people abandoning their pets on highways due to the high cost of their healthcare and urges everyone to remember “we’re supposed to be sharing this earth” with the animal kingdom.

Kreskin offers some great advice for a New Year’s resolution for anyone seeking to have a happier 2020 — “Make an effort to connect to another person as often as you can. It’s been said that you can only meet a person once and how you touch them makes all the difference. When attending an event, shake someone’s hand, offer a positive comment.  Political correctness and having a chip on your shoulder has become more than sickening.”

What the world needs more of in 2020, notes Kreskin, “are great statesmen who are not politicians”, hinting that the results of the 2020 political races “won’t be as surprising as you’d think.”

New Year’s predictions from The Amazing Kreskin -Gotta Love It!


Wishing all of our “Gotta Love It” followers and supporters a very Merry Christmas. Hope Santa treats you right this holiday season!

The Legend of Santa Claus – Gotta Love It!


One of the best ways to de-stress from the current holiday hustle and bustle is to set aside some quiet reading time daily, and “The Dog Lady of Mexico” by Alison Sawyer Current ( will not only make you believe in miracles but also be inspired by how the actions of just one person ripple out into the world to make a big difference.

Author Current is the founder of Isla Animals on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The story in this book is fiction based on fact,  inspired by her own experiences founding a much-needed shelter program in Mexico that has ultimately found homes for thousands of Mexico’s homeless, abused and ill-treated canines. The daily business of rescuing animals can take a toll on the human spirit, but by taking it one day and one dog at a time, “The Dog Lady of Mexico” proves the power of one passionate individual to change lives for the better.

“The Dog Lady of Mexico” by Alison Sawyer Current – Gotta Love It!


If the holidays have you teetering on the edge of a full-blown nervous system melt-down, you need “The Stress Overload Solution”, by Laurel Mellin, PhD (

This book offers readers a 30-day program in emotional brain training that can help you elevate your mood from a dangerous and chronically stressed-out #5 reptilian brain response to challenges and problems to the power of a #1 brain response which focuses on peace, calm and joy.  A great stocking stuffer for anyone on your gift list whose New Year’s resolution is to live a happier, calmer and more joyful life.

“The Stress Overload Solution” by Laurel Mellin – Gotta Love It


Holiday season provides boundless opportunities to blow your diet and add on those pounds.

My Shape ( is an all natural supplement that works to curb your hunger and promote weight loss, supporting less absorption of fats and carbohydrates by the body. My Shape features three main plant ingredients, including green tea leaf extract, locust bean gum and a white kidney bean extract known as phaseolamin.  A capsule taken with water prior to a meal helps decrease hunger and makes the user consume less calories and feel fuller quicker. A great stocking stuffer for those on your gift list who want to be proactive about avoiding holiday weight gain!

My Shape – Gotta Love It!


If there is a budding entrepreneur on your gift list this holiday season, treat them to “Mo’s Bows: A Young Person’s Guide to Startup Success” by Moziah Bridges (

Author Bridges is one of the youngest people to ever appear on “Shark Tank”, seeking investors for his fledgling bow tie business, Mo’s Bows Handmade Bow Ties. Now 17,  he offers the reader a wealth of valuable information, inspiration and advice to other kids with a dream of succeeding at owning their own business, although we think Bridges’ excellent advice applies to future businessmen and women of all ages.

“Mo’s Bows: A Young Person’s Guide to Startup Success” by Moziah Bridges — Gotta Love It


We’re looking for any reason this time of year and point in history to enjoy a good laugh and the 50th anniversary edition DVD of the Best of the Carol Burnett Show ( provides just that.

Burnett and her talented team of regulars, including Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence,  and Harvey Korman, strut their stuff jointed by countless Hollywood legends, in this volume that includes 33 hour-long episodes plus bonus features, including the very last episode of the series. Makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer to provide quality entertainment in the cold winter months ahead!

The Best of the Carol Burnett Show 50th Anniversary edition DVD – Gotta Love It!



If you know a child who is being bullied or an adult whose present life is still being overshadowed by the effects of bullying, gift them with “The Big, Bad Bully” by Jack Canfield & Miriam Laundry, with illustrations by Eva Morales (

This short story has a rather surprising ending regarding the identity of the bully but will inspire readers to develop self-esteem and their own sense of self-worth as one of the best defenses against any and all of the bullies they may encounter in life.

“The Big, Bad Bully” by Jack Canfield & Miriam Laundry — Gotta Love It!


“All Around Bustletown Winter by Rotraut Susanne Berner from Prestel Publishing offers a unique and refreshing format in children’s literature.

There is no copy accompany each of the colorful pages depicting the busy lives of Bustletown’s residents and visitors, allowing child and parent to engage in discussions about what they see happening in each of the pages. The back cover offers a brief description of more than a dozen character found within the pages of this board book. It makes a great stocking stuffer or a lovely way to keep kids engaged on snow days.

“All Around Bustletown Winter” by Rotraut Susanne Berner — Gotta Love It!