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There’s been plenty of focus in the news in recent days about the flu and the dreaded Coronavirus. One of your best defenses against bacterial or viral infections is to boost your immune system with such powerful “superfoods” as fresh garlic supplied by respected American vendors such as Christopher Ranch in Gilroy, CA, the prime growing region, ( and other trusted fresh produce suppliers such as Friedas ( and (

Add garlic to your soups and sauces, blend with butter to spread on Italian bread, or invest in one of the many cookbooks on the market to inspire greater garlic consumption at your household in everything from casseroles to pasta creations. And if you are worried about bad breath, chew on fresh parsley to eliminate that problem. Garlic has been proven to boost the body’s immunity against the invasion of bacteria that cause harm to the body’s ability to resist becoming imbalanced, greatly reducing your chance of becoming ill.

Fresh Garlic – Gotta Love It!


The dead of winter can prove to be a challenging time to feel excited about anything, but Stickermule products ( can help light your creative fire.

Stickermule specializes in custom stickers, labels, buttons, magnets, packaging and much more.  You can do all of your ordering online, complete with free proofs, in addition to receiving your products with free shipping anywhere in the world. Stickermule stickers are great for decorating lunch bags and boxes, books, lockers, desks, bulletin boards and walls just to name a few. Their products are also perfect for customizing fundraising products for groups and organizations. Log onto their website to order a sample package of stickers to see their versatility and quality.

Stickermule Custom Printed Products – Gotta Love It!



If you are concerned about the increasing pollution of our environment, Cindy Klement’s new book, “Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden” ( is a worthwhile investment.

Klement outlines the many ways, including pesticides, plastics manufacturing, sanitizers and antibacterials, that the human body can be affected and upset by exposure to chemicals, in addition to offering the best ways to avoid or at least minimize exposure that leads to poor health and disease. The chapter on detoxification is especially helpful in helping readers design a program incorporating healthy foods, vitamins and minerals to avoid toxins. Also included is an extensive listing of organizations that can help you achieve a more toxin-free life.

“Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden” by Cindy Klement – Gotta Love It!


Books offer wonderful ways to children to explore the natural world and Ra Anderson’s enchanting new “Iceland, The Puffin Explorers Series of books from My Favorite books Publishing Company LLC, introduce them to an adventurous Puffin named Arni.


“Puffins Take Flight”, “Puffins Off the Beaten Path”, and “Puffins Encounter Fire & Ice” are each filled with amazing color photography from author/photographer and mother Ra Anderson, who was inspired to create this series of literary adventures after her oldest son choose Iceland as a wedding destination site. Although designed to appeal to ages pre-K through 2nd grade, these charming stories of Arni’s experiences with his Puffin friends really appeal to anyone interested in the natural world and learning about cultures beyond North America!

Iceland, the Puffin Explorers Series” by Ra Anderson — Gotta Love It!


“Uno Alla Volta”  means “one at a time” and it’s the name of a fabulous online source ( to find just the right special artisan-crafted gift at any time of year, but especially for Valentine’s Day.

Roman Glass Jewelry,, Polish pottery, wall art and artisanal gourmet food are just a few of the categories you can shop. This month, the collection is offering a 30% discount on clearance items, as well as free shipping on purchases of $75 or more.  Why present an ordinary cookie-cutter style gift when an Uno Alla Volta selection created by a talented artist or craftsman, will elicit oohs and aahs and will become treasured like an heirloom!

“Uno Alla Volta” – Gotta Love It!


Have a dog or cat who is anxious, skittish or prone to feeling nervous? Richard’s Organics Pet Calm ( is an effective all-natural liquid formula that helps treat symptoms of stress and anxiety, usually within 30 to 60 minutes.

We’ve added the recommended dosage (be certain to read the entire label) to our dog’s food and noticed good results!  Among the ingredients are passion flower, valerian and skullcap, all herbs noted for their ability to relax and sedate. Keep this formula handy when traveling with pets or before thunderstorms or fireworks displays.

Richard’s Organics Pet Calm – Gotta Love It!




The Popcorn Board ( recently sent out an alert that there is reason to celebrate on January 19th — it’s National Popcorn Day!

This high-fiber, low-calorie, no gluten snack has been around for hundreds of years. Whether you, family and friends are streaming videos, watching a late-night movie, or gathered around the TV for some Super Bowl action, popcorn serves as a satisfying snack that’s also cholesterol and fat-free (unless you can’t resist some melted butter topping). Check out for plenty of creative recipes for popcorn, including a Chinese New Year Medley (pictured above) to ring in Chinese New Year on January 25th.

Popped popcorn as the snack that pleases everyone – Gotta Love It!


Overcome the punishing effects of winter weather on your skin with a new product from NassifMD Dermaceuticals, Hydro-Screen Intense Hydration Face & Body Souffle (

Designed for use by both men and women for application on the face as well as the body,  NassifMD Hydro-Screen Souffle is feather-light with a very pleasant aroma. It quickly sinks into the skin to provide protective moisture, making your skin feel smooth and soft, with no trace of stickiness or greasiness that often accompanies skin cremes. It’s especially good for people who  enjoy skiing and other outdoor activities during winter, although it’s a skin treatment that you will find valuable on a year-round basis, not just limited to the winter season.

NassifMD Hydro-Screen Intense Hydration Face & Body Souffle – Gotta Love It!


Now that all of the holiday season decorations have been put away, it’s not too early to be thinking about what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day in 2020. We were recently introduced to Old Trapper Beef  Jerky (, headquartered in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Think smoky and savory rather than sweet when gifting your sweetheart on Heart’s Day this year and treat them to a package of Old Trapper Beef Jerky (Teriyaki flavor is our favorite). Prepared over a real wood-smoke fire, this jerky is tender, rich in flavor and doesn’t cause tooth decay like a box of candy might. The company also markets Kippered Beef Steak as well as Snack Sticks. If you’ve previously held up your nose at jerky because it was dry and flavorless, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality, taste and aroma of Old Trapper. 

Old Trapper Beef Jerky – Gotta Love It!


It’s been said that what you get in life depends upon where you put your focus. Actor and entrepreneur George Hamilton suggests that for a happy life, you pay attention to creating pleasure, offering some sage advice in his book “Life’s Little Pleasures”, co-authored with Alysse Minkoff (

Hamilton admits he’s been up as well as down in every aspect of his personal life as well as his career. But he’s found that finding those small pleasures that make the down parts bearable and the up parts even more fun plays a large role in having a successful life and feeling satisfied, at least most of the time. Although this is not a new release, this book 20 years after its first publication, continues to serve as a hyacinth for the soul and offers encouragement for those who feel tired, confused and wondering what life’s all about. Great reading for anyone feeling the post-holiday blues!

“Life’s Little Pleasures” by George Hamilton — Gotta Love It!