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With normal routines and work schedules interrupted, it’s not unusual these days for most people to find their sleep quality less than desired.

Snooze Chews ( is a non-addictive sleep aid that can be consumed prior to bedtime for a more quality, restful sleep experience. In addition to melatonin, these delicious honey-lemon flavored chews contain L-tryptophan and magnesium. These ingredients work in concert to help you fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and awaken feeling like you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep in order to face your day. They are individually wrapped for your convenience so you can keep them handy on your nightstand.

Snooze Chews from Consult Beaute and Health – Gotta Love It!


History tends to repeat itself and this is never more evident than in Jill Wine-Banks’ memoir about the whole Watergate affair during the Nixon administration, recounted in her fascinating book “The Watergate Girl” (

Wine-Banks had a unique prospective of the trial of Nixon’s ambitious underlings as she was the sole female on the prosecution team.  Her story reads like a chilling murder mystery, with truth, justice and the American way being the victims of a dishonest and narcissistic president and the people he surrounded himself with, all for political gain. Sound familiar?  “The Watergate Girl” is a book you will find hard to put down!

“The Watergate Girl” by Jill Wine-Banks – Gotta Love It!


Here’s a free activity you can do from the comfort of your own home to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

Director and activist Michael Moore has decided to offer a free showing of his new fim, “Planet of the Humans” directly via his website at rather than waiting for a money-making theatrical release. This documentary, directed by Jeff Gibbs, will give you plenty to think about and discuss with family and friends. You may not always like or agree with Moore or his message, but at least he’s putting it out there.

“Planet of the Humans” online movie release – Gotta Love It!


There’s no time like the present to order something special to ship to Mom for Mother’s Day and Tops Malibu ( offers a wide variety of “surprizes” like the giant cornucopia pictured above.  Use code MOM20 for a nice 20% discount and orders over $50 ship for free!

Another of our favorite Tops Malibu items is their prize balls which provide plenty of fun as you carefully unwrap the crepe paper to reveal anywhere from 6 to 12 fortunes, charms, stones and other items.  Magical is the best way to describe the gifts that this company offers its customers, so take time today and browse through their website. 

Surprize Cornucopias, Prize Balls and other treats from Tops Malibu — Gotta Love It!



Powells Books in Oregon ( is just one example of independent booksellers throughout the country that deserve your business during these challenging times.  Bookends Bookstore in New Jersey ( is another, well-known for their large inventory of autographed volumes. James Cummins Bookseller in New York is another (, a treasure trove for antique and vintage book collectors.

The best news is that most independent booksellers are still open for business during this stay-at-home period, willing to ship books directly to your door. Books can be great friends, allowing us to escape for a while if we’re living with other people, and giving us comfort and companionship if we’re cocooning alone. So do some online browsing today and support one of these businesses!

The American independent bookstore and bookseller – Gotta Love It!


Most people may still be separated from moms and mothers-in-law this coming Mother’s Day, May 10th. So why not shop the online store at the William Holden Wildlife Foundation ( for their special Rare Orchid Perfume and Body Lotion Gift set.

The fragrance is unique and mysterious, and each gift set will be autographed by the Foundation’s President, actress and wildlife conservation activist Stephanie Powers (pictured above).  You can have this Rare Orchid gift set gift-wrapped and shipped directly to the recipient. And while at you are visiting the WHWF gift shop – check out some of the other unique items available to benefit African wildlife.

The Rare Orchid Gift Set from the William Holden Wildlife Foundation – Gotta Love It!


There is a wonderful way to travel back to the peace-loving 70s via the release of “I Got You Babe: The Best of Sonny & Cher” from Time-Life (

These DVDs enable viewers to re-visit one of the popular musical duos of their day, Sonny Bono and wife Cher, with singing performances that are entertaining, and skits with celebrity guests that may seem a bit silly and dated today, but are nevertheless a fine way to forget your troubles and get a bit more happy!

“I Got You Babe: The Best of Sonny & Cher” — Gotta Love It!


Reading Kenny Rogers’ obituary recently in the New York Times, we were surprised to discover he was quite the accomplished photographer, a role he played on one episode of the popular Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman television series. Upon further research, we came upon his book, Kenny Rogers’ America at one of our favorite booksellers at

During this time of national crisis, discover the pleasure of seeing the images of America that Kenny Rogers captured in this amazing book. Like us, you will no doubt be inspired by the beauty, solemnity and grace that his photography displays. This book takes you away to a pre-pandemic America that is both fascinating and alluring.

Kenny Rogers’ America – Gotta Love It!



Everyone has more time for a little extra reading these days. Since health, healing and healthcare is a topic being discussed daily in the news media as well as among families and friends, Bonnie McLean’s new release “Integrative Medicine” ( offers an excellent choice. It takes a fascinating look at how healthcare has developed over the centuries and how the advent of integrative medicine, drawing on numerous cultures, is influencing self-care regimens.

McLean draws on her own expertise as an integrative practitioner to discuss a range of healing methods, including shamanic intervention, energy medicine, psychology and Chinese medicine, offering an excellent resource for further study and discussion at the end of the book.

Integrative Medicine by Bonnie McLean – Gotta Love It!


Kuranda Dog Beds ( is a Maryland-based company that markets comfortable yet sturdy dog beds as demonstrated in the photo above. But did you know you can help shelter dogs across the country receive a donation of dog  beds simply by voting in their monthly contest.

Click onto the Kuranda Dog of the Month contest and place your vote daily at You can also nominate dogs and shelters for future contests. It provides everyone with an easy and simple way to benefit dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Kuranda Dog Beds and Dog of the Month Contest – Gotta Love It!