When you place a book rather than an electronic device in a child’s hand, you encourage them to become a lifelong reader. It’s books like “The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse” by Loretta Sponsler (www.KidsCampingBooks.com) that enhance a child’s imagination and creativity.

With charming illustrations by Kathrine Gutkovskiy, this book relays the adventures of mice cousins Thomas and Harvey as they set out on a camping excursion. Frustrations ensue as each mouse has their own preferences on how to enjoy the camping experience, with the end result being their realization that each can have differences of opinion and specific preferences in life, yet still enjoy common experiences while respecting the other individual. This modern twist on the ancient Aesop’s fable of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse makes an excellent Christimas stocking stuffer!

The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse by Loretta Sponsler, illustrations by Kathrine Gutkovskiy — Gotta Love It!