The newly released memoir from Samantha Hart, “Blind Pony” from Wild Bill Publications ( is the compelling tale of a young Pennsylvania native who escapes an abusive environment by running away at the age of 17 to discover who she is and what she will become in 1970s Los Angeles.

Hart has a gift for being able to draw the reader into the circumstances and choices she makes as she climbs the ladder of success in the music, entertainment and advertising industries with vivid descriptive prose. By the time the reader turns the last page of this vivid memoir of pain, loss, confusion and discovery, they find that the author was quite mistaken by the prediction that no one would ever write a book about the “nobody special girl” she considered herself. “Blind Pony” proves that each of us has a tremendous amount of talent, grit and gifts to uncover if we are only willing to take the chance and do the work.

“Blind Pony” by Samantha Hart — Gotta Love It!