Anyone planning on travelling by bus, plane or train this summer should be sure to pack a book in their luggage, one as spellbinding and riveting as “At First Light” by Walt Larimore and Mike Yorkey ( Travel delays can become a welcome opportunity to get in some reading when you have an engrossing book in hand.

Books not only help transport the reader to a different time and place, they entertain with stories about the human condition that can educate, inspire and awe. “At First Light” is author Larimore’s recounting of his own father Phil Larimore’s exploits in World War II on the Southern European front. It’s an inspirational story complete with historical photographs, letters and documents about the flesh and blood men who risked everything to make the world safe for democracy. Larimore and Yorkey have done a yeomen’s job of reporting Phil Larimore’s story in vivid detail. And it’s a very appropriate choice for Memorial Day as it memorializes the efforts and sacrifices made by Larimore and his comrades during some of the darkest days of World War II. “At First Light” is also a great book choice for those who are relaxing in their backyard or den this summer and want to time travel to an era when decency, right and respect were all shared values.

“At First Light” by Walt Larimore and Mike Yorkey — Gotta Love It!