A delicious addition to any cook’s library!

Recent events have made it a very appropriate time to focus on comfort foods on menus, so this week’s cookbook pick of the week is Jean Anderson’s wonderful “From a Southern Oven: The Savories, The Sweets (www.wiley.com).

Not only does Anderson provide excellent descriptions of the most important ingredients used by Southern cooks, including grits, oysters, persimmons, hickory nuts and hominy, she also provides recipes for  an array of stick to your rib Southern dishes such as Georgetown Rice and Shrimp Pie with Bacon and Sweet Potato Biscuits with Toasted Hazelnuts or Pecans. The historical, trivia-filled comments which introduce each recipe are also engaging and there are plenty of gorgeous color photographs to get your mouth watering.

From a Southern Kitchen: The Savories, The Sweets – Gotta Love It!