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If you’re looking for a great way to rev up your circulation and get ready to be more active this spring, start using the T-Tapp Body Brush as part of your daily health routine (

The T-Tapp Body Brush is applied gently in quick strokes to dry skin in order to stimulate blood circulation, exfoliate the skin, tone muscles, strengthen the body’s immune system response and help move toxins out of the system faster. Body brushing has long been an accepted health practice in Europe for both health and longevity.  After trying out the T-Tapp Body Brush daily  for the past two weeks, our skin feels softer and looks better, our digestion is better and we feel more energized to begin another day. We’ll be talking more about the T-Tapp exercise program developed by Teresa Tapp to lose weight and tone up in a future blog.

The T-Tapp Body Brush – Gotta Love It!




With horse racing’s “Run for the Roses”, the Kentucky Derby happening in just a few short weeks, the recent release of “Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook” ( offers a timely guide to creating an imaginative array of light bites, entrees, desserts and classic cocktails that feature Kentucky’s favorite libation.

This beautifully illustrated volume adds a bourbon kick to  a wide variety (over 70) of such classic recipes as Cobb Salad, macaroni and cheese, Chili Con Carne and even Boston Baked Beans. And for the traditionalist, there is also an excellent final chapter featuring recipes for classic Bourbon Cocktails. The creative bourbon recipes presented in this guide will be the hit of many a Derby party the first Saturday of May and well into the summer barbecue and grilling months.

Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook – Gotta Love It!


With spring blossoms slow to arrive this year, we recommend a dose of color and creativity for your soul as found in the recently released “Weird Homes” by David J. Neff and Chelle Neff (

This gorgeous volume is artfully illustrated with lush photographs by Thanin Viriyaki , each showcasing homes in and around Austin, Texas that have been skillfully decorated by their occupants to reflect creativity, imagination, bursts of color and most of all, unique character. As you take a visual tour through what the authors call “the people and places that keep Austin strangely wonderful” you may feel inspired to do a little redecorating of that space you call home this spring!

Weird Homes by David J. Neff and Chelle Neff – Gotta Love It!


Both spring and baseball season have arrived, perfect timing for the newly released “America Can Catch”, written by Kevin Christofora and illustrated by Dale Tangeman (

This action-filled, engaging tale tells the story of Syrian immigrant Amira, new to the school and excited to join the Hometown All-Stars, a team of children from diverse backgrounds. Readers of “Amira Can Catch!” will not only learn baseball history, terminology and skill sets, they will also learn how everyone’s differences can unite to make a strong team effort. This book makes an especially good gift for young girls interested in sports and provides a nice role model that encourages participation.

“Amira Can Catch!” by Kevin Crhistofora and Dale Tangeman – Gotta Love It!


“Fermentation Revolution” by Sebastien Bureau and David Cote, published by Robert Rose Inc. ( offers a beautifully illustrated guidebook for readers interested in creating more probiotic-healthy foods into their diets.

“Fermentation Revolution” offers not only an overview of the fermentation process and the kitchen equipment necessary to properly ferment foods and beverages, but also provides detailed instructions for creating some 70 healthy recipes, ranging from homemade sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha to preparing black garlic, almond yogurt and Umeboshi Plums in your home kitchen. The wide array of food and drink recipes presented in this handsome volume have enormous health benefits for your digestive, immune and nervous system function.

“Fermentation Revolution” by Sebastian Bureau and David Cote – Gotta Love It!


Some cookbooks offer a wonderful way to enjoy an armchair tour of exotic lands half-way around the world and Cameron Stauch’s beautiful newly released “Vegetarian Viet Nam” ( is one of those!

The author offers a comprehensive overview of the country, the history of its cuisine, as well as user-friendly guides and instructions for creating authentic vegetarian dishes from Viet Nam’s restaurants and food stalls right in your own home kitchen. Most of the recipes require special ingredients and a commitment of time, but the results are well worth it. Shake up your spring menus with servings of such Vietnamese specialties as Hot and Sour Tamarind Soup, Palate-Cleansing Pomelo Salad, Rice Porridge with Squash, Kidney Beans and Corn, and Warm Banana Tapioca Coconut Pudding.

Vegetarian Viet Nam by Cameron Stauch — Gotta Love It!


If you’ve been searching for a way to gently teach your children to celebrate rather than judge the differences they encounter in others, Absurdimals: Lola Goes to School, written by Gwendolyn Javor and Illustrated by Melissa Aker Spears ( offers you a lovely way to do this.

This charming tale introduces the reader to a Belephant named Lola, half-rabbit and half-elephant, who sadly encounters discrimination at school because she is different. But by the end of the tale, once Lola and her classmates realize the truth that we all have differences that make each of us special and unique, there is greater acceptance that there is absolutely everything right about being proud to be yourself and not exactly like everyone else! Check out the author’s website to be informed about upcoming new Absurdimals in this children’s book series.

Absurdimals: Lola Goes to School by Gwendolyn Javor and Melissa Aker Spears – Gotta Love It!


It can feel stressful enough to deal with a diabetic condition, whether for yourself or a family member. But this latest offering from the American Diabetes Association, “The 12-Week Diabetes Cookbook” ( offers a simple, budget-friendly plan that will cover you through the next three months.

Author Linda Gassenheimer has done an excellent job of presenting a wide range of delicious recipes, including comfort food favorites and international specialties, with each week featuring a shopping list, detailed instructions for easy to prepare nightly recipes that serve 4,  along with costs per meal and nutritional information. This guidebook is a valuable resource for answering the question “what’s for dinner” when someone in the family is diabetic.

“The 12-Week Diabetes Cookbook” by Linda Gassenheimer – Gotta Love It!


When Howard Shifke was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, he re-examined his life, his attitudes toward self-love and forgiveness, and decided to embark on a journey that eventually results in the complete elimination of the signs and symptoms of this neurological disease.  “Fighting Parkinson’s…And Winning” (  is the amazing story of that journey.

Deciding to fight for his recovery without the use of traditional pharmaceutical medications, Shifke designed his own “Recipe for Recovery” that involved deep self-examination, exercise, changes in diet and other alternative therapies. Shifke’s experiences will certainly inspire and give hope to the millions of others who are experiencing the impact that chronic disease has on quality of life. This book offers many alternative mental and physical ways to overcome disease and regain improved life quality based on Shifke’s experiences with  his self-designed daily program that included meditation, vegan dining choices, Qigong exercises and a restoration of faith, self-love and forgiveness into his life.

Fighting Parkinson’s …And Winning” by Howard Shifke – Gotta Love It!


With the arrival of spring, it’s officially time to get into swimsuit shape for summer. our book pick of the week, “Flat Belly 365 by Manuel Villacorta ( lays out a dietary program that is easy to understand and follow.

The author explains the factors that cause inflammation, poor digestive health and the accumulation of fat around your middle, and offers a 7-day dining plan for every season to not only help accelerate the loss of belly fat but encourage weight loss and the decrease of painful inflammation.  Also included are helpful charts that outline the best seasonal offerings at the marketplace.  Menu ingredients featured are affordable, with easy to make recipes to see quick results!

Flat Belly 365 by Manuel Villacorta — Gotta Love It!