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If you are ready to really solve many of your health ailments without prescription medication and costly health exams, “Authentic Health” by Dr. Gus Vickery ( is an excellent guidebook for doing just that.

Vickery exposes much of the rhetoric, propaganda and falsehoods that masquerade as the 21st century “healthcare” system. Vickery has a much better idea, championing the idea that each individual can take personal responsibility for improving their health and even achieving optimal health by following the steps he outlines in this excellent guidebook.  There’s no reason why stress, high blood pressure, insomnia and other maladies have to be a part of anyone’s life in the 21st century and “Authentic Health” offers a pill-free, inexpensive way to simply feel at your best every day.

“Authentic Health” by Gus Vickery, M.D. – Gotta Love It!



If you or anyone in your family knows his way around a workshop, then Upcycling Outdoors by Max McMurdo ( will provide 20 different ways to transform recycled materials into useful outdoor projects.

The creativity showcased here is amazing, turning old doors into a unique storage shed, bicycle wheels into a firepit, an old birdcage and lampshades into outdoor lighting, and old scaffold boards into a new dog feeding station. If you already have an assortment of tools on hand, McMurdo gives you detailed instructions on creating new useful items out of castoff materials.

“Upcycling Outdoors” by Max McMurdo – Gotta Love It!


You don’t have to have a backyard or even a small plot of land in order to produce many of the edibles you can enjoy in your favorite recipes, so long as you have Shelley Levis’ very user-friendly guidebook, “Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment” (

“Countertop Gardens” covers a wide range of topics, everything from containers and fertilizers to growing methods and the best edibles to grow, including lettuce and flowers, so you can savor the freshest salads, seasonings and sauces no matter the time of year or the outdoor weather. Levis also includes her favorite recipes in every chapter so you have a starting point for using the fruits of your indoor gardening labors.

“Countertop Gardens” by Shelley Levis – Gotta Love it!


We recently had the pleasure of trying a very unique offering in the world of protein bars, featuring a special ingredient that’s becoming more and more valuable as a protein source in the 21st century.

EXO Cricket Protein Bar ( is a slightly sweet, nutty and chewy protein bar option made with a powder created from farm-raised crickets. EXO combines fruits nuts, cricket powder and other natural ingredients to create a delicious snack option providing 10g of protein with no gluten, grains or dairy. The consistency of the bar is similar to a freshly baked brownie, with each 60g bar providing 270 calories.  There are half a dozen flavors to choose from, including chocolate and banana-bread, and for the more adventuresome, EXO also produced pure protein whole-roasted crickets in a variety of seasonings.

EXO Cricket Protein Bar – Gotta Love It!


Just in time for Father’s Day comes “The Father of all Dad Guides: from (A)doring to (Z)addy” by Madeleine Davies and Tara Jacoby (

This humorous volume, accompanied by very creative and clever illustrations, will have both dads and daughters and sons laughing as they try to determine which of more than two dozen father “types” the dads in their lives are – whether they be fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers or fathers-in-law.

“The Father of All Dad Guides” – Gotta Love It!



If you ever wanted first-class, VIP access to all of the background activity and preparation required to make a Hollywood movie, “Below the Line: Anatomy of a Successful Movie” by Meredith Jordan (

This book offers a fascinating insiders look at all of the work, preparation, effort and activity required to produce and shoot the movie “Last Vegas”, directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro and Morgan Freeman. As a movie-goer, it’s easy to quickly consider oneself an instant film critic, but “Below the Line” really demonstrates the enormous amount of details that are required months and even years before the cameras start rolling or the audience is finally reading the ending credits and giving the movie their mental rating. Great summer reading for any film buff!

“Below the Line” by Meredith Jordan – Gotta Love It!

almond flour

When making breakfast or brunch favorites this summer, check out the array of Pereg All-Natural, Gluten Free, Non-GMO flours ( to give a creative twist to your quiche, pancake, crepe and baked good specialties.

Pereg offers a line-up of eight unique flour varieties, including almond (pictured above), buckwheat, chickpea, banana, coconut, quinoa, teff and plantain.  These multi-purpose flours provide home chefs with a healthful, delicious, gluten-free alternative to wheat flour for all of your favorite recipes.


Pereg Multi-Purpose, Gluten-free Flours – Gotta Love It!


Summer is the perfect time to get reacquainted with Laffy Taffy (, that sweet and stretchy candy delighting kids of all ages since 1971.

An array of delicious fruit flavors, including strawberry, cherry, sour apple, watermelon and blue raspberry come in three sizes (minis, ropes and stretchy & tangy bars large enough to share). As if the juicy taste wasn’t enough to keep you smiling, every wrapper also comes with jokes to amuse yourself and your friends. Laffy Taffy is the perfect treat to include in lunch bags, backpacks, lockers and picnic baskets this summer.

Laffy Taffy – Gotta Love It!




Food can be your best medicine, whether you have diabetes, excess weight, high blood pressure or other chronic condition. But it can prove challenging to create fresh and delicious healthy meals for yourself and your family. Even if you can’t afford to have a personal chef in your kitchen, you can afford Healthy Meals Supreme (, a home delivery service that allows you to customize a week’s worth of breakfast, luncheon and dinner entrees that will enable you to savor healthy meals, save time and contribute to your good health.

We recently tried out  Healthy Meals Supreme breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert offerings for a week and found them not only perfectly seasoned and easy to prepare in the microwave, they came out tasting as through a chef had just created them. We savored Denver omelette and zucchini frittata for breakfasts, and enjoyed Creole Shrimp, Keto Stuffed Grass-Fed Meatballs, Pecan Crusted Tilapia, and Chicken Provencal for lunch and dinner. And for our sweet tooth, coconut lemon balls and pecan pie proved very satisfying. 

Your order arrives via FedEx chilled, with each meal packaged in a microwaveable bag. They keep up to 7 days in the refrigerator and you heat and enjoy as needed. There are four different Culinary Medicine inspired meal plans to choose from (Fitness, Simply Healthy, Lose Weight and Chronic Conditions), you’re not locked into a subscription ,and meals are currently specially priced at 20% off! It’s easy to order online or call 1-888-422-6325.

Healthy Meals Supreme – Gotta Love it!


With the official start of the summer season just a few weeks away, we recommend an excellent addition to your library of cookbook volumes that celebrates one of the American South’s favorite stonefruits – peaches!

“Just Peachy” by Belinda Smith-Sullivan ( offers a wide array of excellent ways to enjoy peaches beyond summer and way beyond desserts. The initial chapters tell you everything you could ever want to know about this luscious and delicious fruit offering, with following chapters devoted to soups, sides, sauces, main entrees, desserts and beverages, both cocktail and non-alcoholic. We guarantee you’ll be reaching for this beautifully illustrated volume on a year-round basis, but it’s the perfect way to kick off your summer repertoire of appealing recipes.

“Just Peachy” by Belinda Smith-Sullivan – Gotta Love It!