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We predict that the beautifully illustrated ” How Winston Delivered Christmas”  by Alex T. Smith ( will become one of your family’s most treasured holiday traditions.

This very engaging book tells the story of a brave and adventurous mouse named Winston and is designed to be read in 24 and a half parts, throughout Advent, as a countdown to Christmas. Each chapter also provides a creative activity, such as making tree ornaments and holiday recipes. How Winston Delivered Christmas is great fun for both adults and children alike and makes a great early holiday gift that can be enjoyed throughout December!

How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith — Gotta Love It!




If hectic work and school schedules this fall are causing you or your family to rely on too many fast food or processed meals, consider switching to Healthy Meals Supreme (

Healthy Meals Supreme offers a wide array of breakfast. luncheon and dinner options that stay fresh in the refrigerator and ready to microwave at a moment’s notice.  Wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef and meatloaf, buffalo, Thai-style coconut curry chicken, Impossible vegetarian meatballs and a Greek vegetarian burger are just a few of the affordable offerings that are high in protein, low in carbs and calories, gluten free and fiber rich with no added sugars.

Healthy Meals Supreme taste delicious, are expertly seasoned and are great for those on keto-friendly diets or for individuals wanting to lose weight. Check out their entire menu selections, including desserts,at Each meal serves one, so if everyone in the family has a different taste preference, you each get to enjoy that foods you like the best.

Healthy Meals Supreme – Gotta Love It!



Some like it hot – and if you are among the many who like it even hotter when it comes to condiments for your Labor Day picnic specialties – check out Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauces (

There are four different varieties to choose from, ranging from medium and garlic to hot and extra hot, each an exciting blend of African Bird’s Eye Chili , mixed with select spices, onion, sun-ripened lemons and garlic. Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauces have already been voted number one in the UK, Australia and South Africa for seasoning chicken and offers a novel way to use on your plate as a dipping sauce. Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauces make a great addition to your arsenal of sauces.

Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauce – Gotta Love It!



Football fans can kick off a fall season of entertaining reading with Bob Lederer’s “Beyond Broadway Joe: The Super Bowl Team That Changed Football” (

Lederer has put a collection of interesting and insightful memories into one book, gathered from interviews with 36 New York Jets team members, victors in the 1968 Super Bowl game.  Matt Snell, Winston Hill and Joe Namath are among the Jets whose reminiscences and recollections will give the reader an inside the locker room view of sports history.

“Beyond Broadway Joe” by Bob Lederer – Gotta Love It!


For some individuals, the highlight of the last backyard barbeque of the summer isn’t the grilled steak or hot dogs, it’s the Smores created at the end of the meal using perfectly toasted marshmallows. This year, you can treat yourself to the ultimate in Smores by using new “Stuffed Puffs” (

What makes “Stuffed Puffs” such a special ingredient for the Smores sandwich is the fact they are filled with real chocolate. Simply roast them and place between two graham crackers and give a slight squeeze to enjoy the authentic creamy marshmallow flavor accented by delicious chocolate. Find them in your area at your local Walmart Supercenter.

Stuffed Puffs – Gotta Love It!

bananasAn apple a day may keep the doctor away, but Banana Wave ( enables you to drink a banana anytime and anyplace, enjoying all of the nutritional benefits of the whole fruit.

Banana Wave is the world’s first non-dairy banana milk on the market, in easy to carry and store  packages that don’t need refrigeration until opened.  This delicious-tasting plant-based milk contains one whole banana in every serving, rich in potassium and made using high-fiber oat milk.  Enjoy original, chocolate or strawberry Banana Wave right from the single serve carton, or purchase the quart-size to use in breakfast cereals and nutritious blender shakes.  Banana Wave makes a great after-school snack item and is perfect for athletes seeking to replace lost carbs and electrolytes following a work-out.

Banana Wave Non-Dairy Banana Milk — Gotta Love It!


Anyone owned by a cat knows how much they love to explore and find hidden places to hide or relax. Kitty Cardboard ( offers you  a choice of easy to construct designer boxes (featured above) to provide the felines at your house with a new playground! And they are much more attractive for your current decor than just plain cardboard boxes.

Within a few minutes of our setting up a beach themed Kitty Cardboard box, we peeked inside and saw a familiar face peeking out, perfectly comfortable at being the first cat in the house to discover a new hiding space. These quality made boxes are sturdy and well ventilated, featuring ample entry and exit spaces for small to medium sized cats. They also make a great gift for a new cat owner. Kitty Cardboard seems the perfect way to channel your cat’s inner Queen or King.

Kitty Cardboard Designer Boxes — Gotta Love It!


Adding fragrance to life also adds pleasure and excitement. We’ve recently been introduced to SAINT Roller Ball Perfumes, a collection of fragrances created by Ira Dewitt.

SAINT is made using 100% all natural essences of florals, resins, spices and balsams blended with holy oils to deliver intense fragrance. Each variety is exquisitely packaged in a glass container with a smooth rollerball that delivers just the right amount of fragrance when applied to your pulsepoints.  Each of the formulas has been blessed by a rabbi and a priest and include such choices as Oliban, Arabian Flowers, Mount Ararat and Turkish Rose. Made in the USA, SAINT Roller Ball Perfumes also benefit Saint Jude’s Research Hospital in Memphis.  They make the perfect stocking stuffers for the 2019 holiday season, a welcome birthday gift or a lovely treat to lift your own spirits.

SAINT Roller Ball Perfumes by Ira Dewitt — Gotta Love It!



Settle yourself into a comfortable chair, grab something refreshing to drink, and savor the journey presented by Larry Levine ( in his entertaining “Cooking for a Beautiful Woman: The Tastes and Tales of a Wonderful Life” (

Levine provides the reader with a range of stories about the important women in his life and the special dishes he associates with those memories. “Cooking for a Beautiful Woman” offers a unique combination of story telling and recipes, many influenced by the author’s own Jewish heritage.

“Cooking for a Beautiful Woman” by Larry Levine — Gotta Love It!



If you are ready to really solve many of your health ailments without prescription medication and costly health exams, “Authentic Health” by Dr. Gus Vickery ( is an excellent guidebook for doing just that.

Vickery exposes much of the rhetoric, propaganda and falsehoods that masquerade as the 21st century “healthcare” system. Vickery has a much better idea, championing the idea that each individual can take personal responsibility for improving their health and even achieving optimal health by following the steps he outlines in this excellent guidebook.  There’s no reason why stress, high blood pressure, insomnia and other maladies have to be a part of anyone’s life in the 21st century and “Authentic Health” offers a pill-free, inexpensive way to simply feel at your best every day.

“Authentic Health” by Gus Vickery, M.D. – Gotta Love It!