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Frequent campers and fishermen will love finding the Titan Deep Freeze High Performance Roto Cooler ( under the Christmas tree this season.

The 20-quart model (pictured above) keeps ice up to 4 days and is certified bear resistant so that your food and beverages are safe and secure. The heavy-duty quality construction  features a freezer-grade gasket, heavy-duty T-laches, built-in locking mounts and a stainless steel rotating handle for easy transportation. The oversized side drain also provides faster draining. The Roto Cooler is available in gray or turqoise, in 20 qt and 55 qt sizes.

Titan Deep Freeze High Performance Roto Cooler – Gotta Love It!


Few things can make families feel more connected than sharing a good book together, and “Ralph’s Christmas Quest” by SJ Murray ( makes the perfect companion on a chilling winter night.

This beautifully illustrated book shares the tale of Ralph the Raccoon and the crisis of confidence that occurs when he loses an object he considers his magic button. As he continues his search, he is aided by a variety of fellow creatures, who help to teach Ralph what really matters most as he encounters challenges in life. “Ralph’s Christmas Quest” makes an excellent stocking stuffer this season!

“Ralph’s Christmas Quest” by SJ Murray with Abianne Miller Falla and Courtney Smith and Pictures by Emma Schmidt — Gotta Love It!



It certainly feels like a scary world out there, but John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman’s excellent resource guide, “SAS Survival Handbook for Any Climate in Any Situation/ revised edition” will have you in a better position to either avoid or mitigate danger and life threatening conditions.

Wiseman covers a broad range of topics, including such essentials as meeting basic needs for food and water if stranded. Survival at sea, during natural disasters and while camping are also covered in detail. This is very fascinating reading and makes a great holiday stocking stuffer, especially for those who enjoy the great outdoors and an active lifestyle.

“SAS Survival Handbook for Any Climate in Any Situation” by John Wiseman – Gotta Love It!


Colgate is making it possible for you to gift children with the gift of improved oral health with their Colgate Ryan’s World Funtastic Gift Pack (

This boxed set includes both powered and manual toothbrushes, anticavity fluoride toothpaste and rinse, along with a mystery egg containing a toy.  Each of these ingredients is designed to make a child’s daily oral care regimen more fun and exciting. The Funtastic Gift Pack is a great way to ensure healthy smiles for all of the children on your gift list.

Colgate Ryan’s World Funtastic Gift Pack — Gotta Love It!


Most of us take the health of our hearts for granted, but Dr. Waqar Khan’s excellent new book, “Be Heart Smart”, published by Heart Health Books ( is designed to help men and women understand, prevent and know how to treat coronary heart disease, the number one killer.

Dr. Khan is an board-certified interventional cardiologist who covers a very wide range of topics in this user-friendly, easy to understand resource, including determining risk factors, use of medications, surgical options, heart-smart dietary choices and taking such preventative measures as losing weight and quitting smoking. This very informative book makes a great stocking stuffer for every adult on your gift list this holiday season!

“Be Heart Smart” by Dr. Waqar Khan — Gotta Love It!



If you and your family have a sweet tooth for quality caramel candy, Monastery Candy ( is perfect for treating yourselves to a wonderful holiday splurge. All of their confectionary products are made by nuns at Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey in Dubuque, Iowa for mail order. 

Their wrapped caramels and dark and light covered caramels are our favorites (pictured above) but their truffle assortment is also addictive. The silky smoothness of these caramels is amazing. No holiday is complete without a selection of Monastery caramels and truffles! They make a nice treat to ship to family and friends far and wide.

Monastery Candy — Gotta Love It!


If your slow cooker has been languishing in the closet lately because you are tired of the same old recipes using mainly canned ingredients, check out Nicki Sizemore’s “Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker”, a new release from Storey Publishing (

This beautifully illustrated volume feature 77 recipes, each with photos guaranteed to make your mouth water, ranging from Bimimbap Beef Bowls and Lentil and Veggie Stew to Easy Boulabaisse and Thai Vegetable and Peanut Curry. “Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker” makes an ideal accompaniment if you are giving a slow cooker as a gift and can certainly inspire you to invest in a slow cooker for yourself because Sizemore shows you just how versatile this type of cooking can be.

“Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker” by Nicki Sizemore — Gotta Love It!


Deep Flavors: A Celebration of Recipes For Foodies in a Kosher Style by Kenneth Horwitz ( from Inspire On Purpose Publishing offers a wonderful introduction to traditional as well as non-traditional Kosher dishes prepared according to Jewish dietary laws.

Author Horwitz is a lawyer and CPA by profession who taps into his own personal years of experience in the kitchen, helping family and friends enjoy Kosher recipes that he has modified so that they are easier to prepare yet still very enjoyable and delicious to consume.

The 15 chapters in this user-friendly cookbook cover the range from breakfast, appetizers and breads to traditional Jewish specialties as well as sauces and desserts. Horwitz’s cooking tips and instructions are invaluable to helping make anyone who savors Kosher specialties an expert in their preparation. 

Deep Flavors: A Celebration of Recipes For Foodies in a Kosher Style by Kenneth Horwitz — Gotta Love It!



Anyone facing retirement, the advance of age or simply looking for a healthy way to shake up their schedule will be inspired by “Art & Creaky Bones” by Sheila Reid (

Involved in the art world for more than four decades, Reid makes a strong case for taking up any form of artistic endeavor in one’s senior years in order to improve the quality of life, and feel vital, connected and healthier. This vollume displays Reid’s own beautiful artworks and makes a good case for using leisure time and retirement to find joy and satisfaction in the world of art.

“Art & Creaky Bones” by Sheila Reid – Gotta Love It!


If as a parent you are searching for a creative way to brooch such topics with your children as financial responsibility, self-care and respect, avoiding debt and accepting a moral code in order to live your best life life, Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice ( offers the perfect literary vehicle.

This is a father and son book project from dad Justin Donner and his son Corrigan Donner. The book’s original sketches are quite entertaining and tell the story of Lando, a street-wise kitty and his friends as they navigate life’s often mean streets. The book also emphasizes the importance of avoiding such traps as debt, crime and poor choices that can inhibit rather than enhance the quality of life. And Ninja Cat doubles as a coloring book and just might inspire some youngsters to stretch their own drawing capabilities.

Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice by Justin and Corrigan Donner — Gotta Love It!