Whether or not diabetes impacts you or a member of your family, the American Diabetes Association’s new “Complete Month of Meals Collection” (www.shopdiabetes.org) is a cookbook worth addition to your library.

The first section of this spiral bound volume is cut into three sections offering breakfast, luncheon and dinner recipes so you can flip through them and choose the three that seem most appealing for that day. The second half is a collection of diabetes-friendly recipes for different segments of the day, along with sides and salads, desserts, sauces and drinks. Each recipe also features detailed calorie and nutritional information, along with serving sizes and estimated prep times. Spanish Omelet, Waldorf Salad and Pan Fried Fish Fillet are among the many recipe suggestions that allow you to create almost limitless daily menu combinations.

The Complete Month of Meals Collection by the American Diabetes Association – Gotta Love It!



You don’t have to be Jewish or celebrate the Jewish holidays to enjoy the wide array of classic and comfort foods that author Paula Shoyer presents in her recently published “The Healthy Jewish Kitchen” (www.thekosherbaker.com), from Sterling Epicure New York.

Shoyer updates many traditional favorites such as borscht, challah, honey cake and tzimmis by putting a creative spin on either the ingredients, the presentation or both. Recipes are beautifully photographed and each features valuable information on prep and cooking time, equipment needed and advance prep required. Author Shoyer has been honored by Jewish Women International as a “kosher food pioneer” and this cookbook is her latest effort in her long career as a food writer to highlight the amazing world of foods created in Jewish Kitchens around the world.

“The Healthy Jewish Kitchen” by Paula Shoyer — Gotta Love It!


Thursday, January 4th is National Spaghetti Day, so today’s the day to get your ingredients ready and your favorite pot out of the pantry!

But don’t settle for regular wheat spaghetti when Explore Cuisine (www.explorecuisine.com) offers you an array of delicious spaghetti pastas that are rich in plant-based protein and made from edamame, chickpeas, black beans and red lentils. Not only are these spaghetti pasta choices more colorful and creative, as an added bonus they are a vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO way to celebrate National Spaghetti Day on Thursday. Check out Explore’s website for an array of recipes to inspire you, such as the Simple Vegan Chickpea Spaghetti dish pictured above.  Mangia!

Celebrating National Spaghetti Day serving Explore Cuisine pastas – Gotta Love It!


If you want to add a new culinary skill to your kitchen repertoire in this New Year, consider “Easy Sausage Making” by Will Budiaman (www.rockridgepress.com).

Budiaman presents an A-to-Z guide to mastering sausage making at home, complete with fascinating history, necessary equipment, step by step photo illustrations, and an array of recipes to create a variety of sausages using everything from beef and chicken to pork and lamb, along with recipes for incorporating your freshly prepared sausage links.  There is absolutely no comparison with supermarket sausage and links that you prepare yourself using all natural and fresh ingredients with no preservatives. “Easy Sausage Making” will keep you busy in the kitchen but the results are well worth it!

“Easy Sausage Making” by Will Budiaman — Gotta Love It!


If optimal health and healing is among your top priorities in 2018, “Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine” by Ellen Goldsmith with Maya Klein offers invaluable assistance (www.robertrose.ca).

The authors offer a step by step program for transforming your kitchen, pantry and your daily dietary choices, based on the proven healing abilities practiced within the parameters of Chinese Medicine and Chinese Dietary Therapy. You will learn therapeutic methods of cooking, what to stock in your pantry and what to discard, how to enjoy seasonal foods to influence your health, and beneficial vs. detrimental eating habits. The almost 200 recipes, categorized by season, have all been selected for their therapeutic benefits for body, mind and mood, utilizing quite a few ingredients that may require a trip to a local Chinese market or Chinatown. The authors include a good reference section for mail-order of herbs, spices and other ingredients which may not be readily available in your area. 

“Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine” by Ellen Goldsmith with Maya Klein — Gotta Love It!

polar bears

Wishing all of our “Gotta Love It” readers a safe, warm and happy entry into 2018!

Welcoming the New Year — Gotta Love It!


Washington State-based Tim’s Cascade Snacks (www.timschips.com) offers you two new special batch crunchy snack offerings to make your New Year’s Eve Party buffet more tasty!

Tim’s Maple Bacon is a slightly sweet and savory new potato chip featuring the combined marriage of maple syrup and crisply fried bacon, while Tim’s Hawaii Sweet Chili has a nice pizzazz that goes well with creamy dips, a spicy chip with just the right amount of heat.  Tim’s Cascade Snacks offers a full array of snack foods made from locally grown sources in the Pacific Northwest.

Tim’s Cascade Snacks new Maple Bacon and Hawaii Sweet Chili Chips – Gotta Love It!


And to all a Good Night!…   from “Gotta Love It”


Even if you don’t have your home decorated with a freshly cut evergreen this Christmas season, Air Wick (www.airwick.us) can  help to fill every room of your house with the refreshing fragrance of a freshly cut woodland pine tree.

Air Wick is featuring a variety of scented oil products that you conveniently plug into any wall outlet in order to spread the holiday aroma of Woodland Pine, Pumpkin Spice, Warm Apple Crumble or Warm Mahogany.  Packages with bonus bottles are available now, with each bottle lasting approximately 45 hours. What we liked best about Air Wick Spread the Joy Warmers was the clean, light and refreshing fragrances that didn’t overpower the environment, yet added a distinctive aroma that made the room a more pleasant and inviting place to spend time.

Air Wick Spread the Joy Scented Oil Warmers – Gotta Love It!

exploreCheck out Explore Pastas (www.explorecuisine.com) when planning your Christmas and New Year’s Eve holiday buffets to create some unique and delicious dishes that display the festive color of the season.

We recently sampled Explore’s Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine, which is not only a protein-rich buffet offering but also marries  well with red bell peppers, tomatoes and tomato sauce for a festive red and green color scheme that tastes just as delicious as it looks. Explore also features an array of bean, pulse and rice pastas along with rice noodles so you can get a bit creative with your holiday menu items this season.

Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettucine – Gotta Love It!