weatherx earplugs

A headache caused by the change in weather air pressure can get your day off to a bad start. Luckily, many individuals have found fast relief by using WeatherX Pressure Filtering Earplugs (

Users access the free WeatherX App to provide notifications of approaching rapid weather changes. Then simply insert the easy to use, drug and latex-free patented earplugs as directed into the ear canal to quickly reduce the headache symptoms caused by dramatic shifts in barometric pressure.  Simply remove within 2 to 4 hours and save for re-use. These earplugs have also received a noise reduction rating of 20 decibels.

WeatherX Pressure Filtering Earplugs — Gotta Love It!




Research is proving that drinking coffee has many health benefits, not to mention being a delicious ritual that can get your morning off to  great start! Steeped Coffee ( now makes it possible to enjoy a freshly brewed cup in a matter of minutes no matter where you find yourself.

The Santa Cruz, California based company offers packets of freshly ground nitro sealed single serve bags of high quality coffee that can simply be dunked in a cup of hot water and let to steep for up to 5 minutes, depending upon your flavor preference.  In addition to light, medium, dark and French roasts, there is also a decaf version for night-time enjoyment. We love the just add hot water simplicity of Steeped Coffee and found the flavor very comparable to making a freshly brewed pot, including the nice aroma!   It’s convenient to carry a single serve pouch with you and the steeped bag when you’re thru is fully compostable.  If Mom is a coffee lover, the variety box makes a great Mother’s Day gift!

Steeped Coffee Single Serve Bags — Gotta Love It!



Need a boost for the tired spirit this spring? A Hyacinth for the soul?  Suggestions for some simple steps to take to change your life for the better?

“From Muck to Magic” by Wendi Knox ( provides a beautifully illustrated guidebook that looks at first glance like a picture book for children, but in reality is a wonderful inspirational guide for adults who may feel lost, discouraged or wondering where do I go from here? The author uses her own experiences on creating new life experiences after a long-time career in advertising, using the dragonfly for inspiration.

“From Muck to Magic” by Wendi Knox – Gotta Love It!”


With Earth Day fast approaching on Monday, April 22 , “Our Changing Earth: Why Climate Change Matters to Young People” by Arjun Marwaha ( is an excellent addition to your reading list.

It’s not surprising that the author is still in his teen years, because the future belongs to Marwaha and his contemporaries. Although the book is targeted at teachers to help inspire discussion in their classrooms, this is a book that does a great job at explaining how we all got to this dangerous tipping point of global warming and the current change in climatic conditions. Do yourself and your local library a favor this Earth Day and buy two copies – one for yourself and one to contribute to your library shelves to inspire local citizens to take this issue seriously and start taking steps toward its solution.

“Our Changing Earth: Why Climate Change Matters to Young People” by Arjun Marwaha


Now that baseball season is underway, we’ve found the perfect low calorie crunchy snack to add to your party line-up this spring.  Mozaics Organic Popped Veggie & Potato Chips ( are not only protein and fiber rich, you can enjoy 23 chips for a low 110 calories.


Mozaics are available in five flavors, including BBQ, Sea Salt, Cheddar, Salsa and Sour Cream & Onion (our favorite).  Each is made using only the finest quality organic peas, otato flour, rice flour and black beans to create a unique flavor and crunchy texture.  In addition to the 3.5 ounce bags, you can also purchase them in individual 1.25 oz deli serving size bags to add to your lunch bag.  Mozaics are also great to include in picnic baskets or to keep in the car for an on-the-go satisfying snack.

Mozaics Organic Popped Veggie & Potato Chips – Gotta Love It!




Ready for a creamy and delicious dairy-free and plant-based beverage to add to your drink line-up this spring? Check out Hope & Sesame Organic  Sesamemilk  ( , available in 6 exciting flavors.

Just one glass of Hope & Sesame Organic Sesamemilk provides 8 grams of protein, as much as cow’s milk but without any dairy or lactose content.  You also receive Vitamin D, iron, copper and magnesium, in addition to a healthy supply of daily calcium.  And if you’re watching your weight, there is a slim 120 calories per 8 ounce serving. Delicious served chilled, over ice, or even over breakfast cereal or oatmeal.

Hope & Sesame Organic Sesamemilk – Gotta Love It!


Not a day goes by that another story in the news media about the opioid crisis isn’t brought to our attention. But there’s a better and safer solution for helping to treat chronic pain, spotlighted in Letha Hadady’s excellent resource book, “Naturally Pain Free” (

This book was published a few years ago but the information it offers is valuable and timeless.  It explains a variety of natural pain remedies that include exercise, supplements, and herbal teas and potions proven effective at alleviating or eliminating everything from back pain to sore muscles and emotional trauma.

“Naturally Pain Free” by Letha Hadady – Gotta Love It!


Spring has sprung and the Easter Holiday is less than a month away — perfect timing to check out the wonderful variety of Easter goodie baskets being offered by, many of them with free shipping anywhere in the country.

We were the recent happy recipient of the above “Easter Sweets & Treats” basket, including marshmallow bunnies, a 5-inch tall chocolate bunny, chocolate caramels, cherries, Key Lime and lemon cookies, and almond nougat, sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. offers more than two dozen eye and palate pleasing gift assortments, priced for every budget starting at $19.99.  Use the code word EGG at checkout for a special discount!  Whether you send a gift across the city or across the country, these stylish, colorful and nicely packaged gift baskets will let some bunny know how special they are to you!

Easter Baskets from — Gotta Love It!


“I Wish I Were a Fairy Tale” by Crystal Walters ( gives young girls a chance to experience what it would be like to live inside the magical world of  fairy tales. Author Walters has creatively illustrated this charming book using handcrafted cakes and sculptures created out of sugar and fondant.

This colorful and beautifully illustrated book takes a girl’s imagination through such places as the Moon, a pirate ship, and swimming with mermaids in the sea. It makes a lovely “just for so” gift for a daughter or granddaughter in addition to being the perfect birthday gift for a young girl to stir the imagination!

I Wish I Were a Fairy Tale by Crystal Walters — Gotta Love It!


If you are currently coaching a Little League or any other sports team at your local school, are interested in coaching as a career, or just enjoy sports in general, then Greg Bach’s “Secrets of Successful Coaching” ( is tailor-made for you!

This valuable resrouce features interviews with 50 of America’s top coaching talents, including Football’s P.J. Fleck and John Harbaugh, Major League Baseball’s Joe Maddon and Buck Showalter, and Basketball’s Roy Williams and Jenny Boucek.  Open the book up to any interview, and you’ll gain valuable insight into the words, tactics and strategies used by those coaching professionals who consistently inspire their players and lead them to victory!

“Secrets of Successful Coaching” by Greg Bach – Gotta Love It!