One of the most refreshing ways to start the day is a bracing shower, and Dr. Teal’s Body Wash (www.drteals.com/products)  is one of our favorite products to keep skin soft and well hydrated.

The “Relax & Relief” formula pictured above is just one of an extensive line of skincare products offered by Dr. Teal’s, specializing in mineral-rich formulas. Other bath/shower products include Epsom Salt Soaks for tired, achy muscles, foaming bath gels, body lotions, oils and scrubs, foot soaks and foot scrubs. Each has a mild fragrance and just a little goes a long way.  All Dr. Teal’s products are reasonably priced and make great stocking stuffers for the holidays!

Dr. Teal’s Body Wash — Gotta Love It!




We’re a big fan of giving children books as holiday gifts, not only because books encourage them to read,  but they also provide hours and hours of  engagement that appeal to their imagination!  Susan Pepka is the author of “Gus’ Fortunate Misfortune”,  an endearing story beautifully illustrated by Joseph Cowman (www.fullcyclepublications.com) and one of the most charming adventure stories we’ve come across this year for the younger set.

This tale of the misfortunes that befall a frightened Gus the mouse set the scene for a memorable adventure in which Gus confronts his fears and a range of emotions, ultimately displaying the courage and ingenuity necessary to make his way safely home.

Gus’ Fortunate Misfortune by Susan Pepka, illustrations by Joseph Cowman – Gotta Love It!


If the rugs and carpeting in your home are looking worn and outdated, there’s still time to do some fast and affordable remodeling, thanks to ESaleRugs.com (www.esalerugs.com).

Actress and entrepreneur Jane Seymour (www.janeseymour.com) has recently introduced a new line of rugs (see above for just one of her lovely designs) at ESaleRugs.com  based in South Carolina and there are hundreds more rugs and runners to choose from. Not only is the quality excellent, the choices and rug sizes are varied and abundant and there is fast and free shipping on every order, with discounts for multiple rug orders.  Small carpet samples are as low as $9, with many area rugs a great value at under $100.

Jane Seymour designs at ESaleRugs.com — Gotta Love It!


Our thanks to each of you for your continued support of “Gotta Love It” and our warmest and best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving filled with peace and plenty!

Thanksgiving – Gotta Love It!


If you are the kind of person who believes in that saying ‘expect a miracle’, you will be inspired by “Homer and the Holiday Miracle” by Gwen Cooper (www.benbellabooks.com).

This volume may be slim in size but it carries a big message about never giving up, enjoying every day as a gift, and getting inspiration from the tale of a blind cat saved at birth who goes on to enjoy extra time despite being given only two weeks to live. Based on the author’s own true experience, “Home and the Holiday Miracle” is also a timely reminder of the importance of adopting animals from your local rescue shelter, any time of the year!

“Homer and the Holiday Miracle” by Gwen Cooper – Gotta Love It!


As we get our houses and apartments ready to receive company this holiday season, many of us forget to evaluate if our lighting is outdated or could be improved.  BFranklin Home (www.BFranklinHome.com) makes it simple and easy to upgrade lighting schemes in every room of your house , at the same time saving you money.

BFranklin will send a Try Light Kit right to your home, filled with an assortment of their energy saving light bulbs that you can try out before purchasing.  These attractive LED bulbs use only 10% to 20% of the electrical power of traditional incandescent bulbs. We tried out their bulbs in the living room as well as at our office desk and found the light to be bright yet easy on the eyes as well as providing lighting that made reading easier. When you’ve decided on your favorite bulbs,  you can conveniently place an order from the BFranklin online store, then return the samples in the postage paid box.  And each of the dozen bulbs included in the test box  work with dimmer switches.

The BFranklin Home Try Light Kit – Gotta Love It!


If reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” is a holiday tradition with your family, we have another suggestion that you can enjoy reading and re-reading all holiday season long.

“The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker” from Frances Lincoln Children’s Books (https://www.quartoknows.com/Lincoln-Childrens-Books) is one in a series of very unique and creative books that combine the printed word on the page with a special musical note “button” that the reader can press to activate high quality musical accompaniment.  This volume tells the tale of Christmas Eve at Clara’s house, beautifully illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle. There are ten different orchestrations that accompany the story-telling in this volume, one that delights and amazes children of all ages. The final page of the book offers the opportunity to push each of the ten musical notes again to re-hear the music that accompanied each step along the way in this magical story.  This musical book makes a welcome holiday stocking stuffer. Also available in this series is “The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day” featuring Vivaldi’s Music, and “The Story Orchestra: The Sleeping Beauty”, featuring  assorted Tchaikovsky musical clips. 

“The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker”/Frances Lincoln Children’s Books – Gotta Love It!


If you find it challenging to find just the right holiday gift for seniors on your gift list, Salonpas (www.salonpas.us) comes to the rescue with its new FDA-approved Double Size Pain Relief Patch.

Sore muscles, aches and bruises may be hard to avoid the older we get, but these easy to apply pain relief patches deliver up to 12 hours of non-prescription pain medication for backache, sore muscles, sprains and bruises. Each patch delivers a healing dose of menthol and methyl salicylate with a light minty scent and are very thin and flexible, comfortable enough for all-day or all-night wear. They make great stocking stuffers for the weekend athletes on your gift list. We found them very effective on a mild shoulder ache as well as a hip bruise.

Salonpas Pain Relief Patch in the new Double Size — Gotta Love It!


If you’ve been looking for a unique sugarplum offering to add to your holiday dessert table, or need a knock-their-socks-off hostess gift for parties, search no further than Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake (www.kentuckywoods.com).

This moist, tender and flavorful cake has no alcohol, but all the delicious flavor that accompanies an expertly made bourbon cocktail! This special creation is made by an independently owned bakery in Louisville, KY. Buy an extra or two because it freezes beautifully and works equally as well as a dessert offering or a morning coffeecake!

Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake – Gotta Love It!


If you really want to get the party started this holiday season, check out the recently released “Fondue Bible” Second Edition by Ilana Simon (www.robertrose.ca).

A form of tableside cooking that was popular in the 1970s is regaining in popularity and Simon offers 200 recipes in this revised guidebook, including a new party section with suggestions for creating theme parties that focus on a variety of fondue pots, including cheese, beef & chicken and dessert.  The recipe suggestions here are creative and diverse and go way beyond the traditional cheese and beer fondue that many people recall during the fondue heyday. If you have been looking for a cozy and delicious way to dine or entertain, “The Fondue Bible” offers plenty of inspiration.

The Fondue Bible Second Edition by Ilana Simon – Gotta Love It!