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Another weekend just around the corner? Perfect for browsing online as well as retail book stores. The newly released  Big Book of Cakes from Betty Crocker ( celebrates everything about America’s favorite dessert choice.

There’s good reason to sing the praises of cake — cake is perfect for observing birthdays, special occasions and anniversaries, cakes can be baked in a variety of shapes, served iced and decorated or unadorned and accompanied by sauces or fresh fruit. Cakes can be classic or creative and cakes freeze well to bake now and enjoy another day.

Betty Crocker, The Big Book of Cakes – Gotta Love It!


Our cookbook pick of the week was inspired by the original Betty Crocker Cookbook that premiered during the 1950s. “Betty Goes Vegan” by Annie & Dan Shannon ( is a very entertaining compilation of 500 recipes that are cruelty-free versions of the ones first promoted by the Betty Crocker brand.

We like the friendly patter that the authors carry on throughout this cookbook almost as much as we like the variety of recipes featured. From Pumpkin Gnocchi and Cherry Cola Vegan Chicken Wings to Borscht for Vegans Who Don’t Like Beets and Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie, these recipes will have you planning a trip to your local grocery or farmer’s market and getting busy in the kitchen!

Betty Goes Vegan – Gotta Love It!