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Where’s Waldo fans won’t want to miss out on the very clever line  of “Where’s Waldo” chocolate bars (

Great to use as party favors or a special confectionary treat, Where’s Waldo bars feature 3.5 ounces of smooth and creamy premium milk chocolate that melts lusciously on your tongue. Available in seven different collectible bar wrappers, including The Land of Waldos, Where’s Waldo Hearts, Cake Factory, Ski Slopes and several holiday editions. Simply great fun and great taste!

Where’s Waldo? Chocolate Bars — Gotta Love It!



Want to put a smile on someone’s face as big as a Jack O’Lantern’s? Send them one of the terrific Halloween-themed gift selections from (

These goodies are the perfect solution when you can’t be there in person to say thank you, congratulations, Happy Halloween or I’m thinking of you. There are almost 40 different gift choices that can be shipped for Halloween celebrating, including a Spooktacular Sweets Mug filled with brand name candy bar items, an Orchard’s Abundance Gourmet Fruit Basket or the ever popular Goblin’s Grub Popcorn Tin, a trio of sweet, crunchy and delicious Caramel Apple, Worms in the Dirt and White Chocolate Candy Corn popcorn. And with the Christmas season right around the corner, also offers great ideas for the Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays. Our gift of Goblin’s Grub came very well packaged with ice packs so the quality of the popcorn was not affected by unseasonably warm weather! And our Spooktacular Sweets Mug was jam-packed with some of our favorite quality candy brands, including Twizzlers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut M & M’s.

These treats are reasonably priced, starting at $17.99 and there’s no trick to getting 10 percent off your order – simply use Promo Code Gourmet10! – Gotta Love It!




classic candy

It’s not too early to consider what you will be including in your Trick Or Treat cornucopia this Halloween season. If you really want to wow all of your ghosts and goblins, consider making your own candy, guided by Abigail Gehring’s wonderful “Classic  Candy” cookbook (

Most of the goodies included in this easy to follow cookbook require no more than four ingredients. Enjoy more than 60 recipes for everything from homemade candy corn and cinnamon hard candies to fudge, pecan toffee and melt-in-your-mouth salted caramels.

Classic Candy by Abigail R. Gehring – Gotta Love It!


Sometimes there are just too many choices to make in life, so Breyer’s Ice Cream is helping to simplying things with their new Breyer’s Blast ice cream. You don’t have to decide on whether to enjoy ice cream or candy because you get both in their newly released Breyer’s Blasts M&Ms Milk Chocolate Ice Cream.

Plenty of rich and creamy chocolate flavor here and generous amounts of miniature M&M candies sprinkled throughout every scoop. Kids especially love this extra-sweet variety.

Breyer’s Blasts M&M’s Chocolate Ice Cream – Gotta Love It!


raw chocolate

The older we get, the more we insist on things being authentic. And for chocolate lovers, the pure bliss of savoring authentic chocolate doesn’t get any better than Raw Chocolate Love (

Raw Chocolate Love has taste ectasy built into each raw, vegan, organic piece of healthy chocolate. Just let it melt slowly on the tongue and it serves as the ultimate dessert course. And for those who enjoy a marriage of flavors, try Coconut Love, Almond Love, Goji Berry Love or the delicately flavored Orange Blossom or Mint Elegance.

Raw Chocolate Love – Gotta Love It!



jelly beans

The Easter Bunny may have to dodge a few snowflakes as he hops down the Bunny Trail this season!  If you’re searching for just the right  treats to complete your own Easter Basket, consider the many goodies offered by Hershey’s (

Among our best picks are the gorgeous foil wrapped Cadbury Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny, sweet and flavorful Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans in bold and bright spring colors, individually wrapped, bite-sized  York Peppermint Pattie Eggs, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs that melt in your mouth, Hershey milk chocolate kisses in pastel foil wrap and the perennially favorite Cadbury Cream Egg.

Hershey’s Easter Candy – Gotta Love It!




Feelin’ beat from the heat? It’s easy to find cool relief when you pop a new Ice Breakers Duo Fruit + Cool mint into your mouth (

This new sugar-free mint offering from Hershey Candy combines the sweet-tartness of fruit with the cool of mint in one mint candy. The easy to open plastic container is flat and round, convenient for storing in pocket, purse, school locker or glove compartment of your car. Strawberry or Raspberry flavors (our favorite). New Ice Breakers Duo Fruit + Cool is a cool way to freshen your breath and enjoy a minty snack with fruity flavor any time of the day or night.

Ice Breakers Duo Fruit + Cool – Gotta Love It!