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Two of the most popular ingredients in the world — wine and chocolate — enjoy a wonderful marriage in a product made in Holland called ChocoVine. (

The concept of combining a quality French cabernet wine with dark chocolate and Dutch cream results in a wine variety that can be savored as a liquid dessert, poured over ice cream, or used in blended cocktails. We recently experienced the original chocolate variety as well as the delicious raspberry offering. A glass of ChocoVine make a lovely sweet treat at the end of the day, served chilled neat or on the rocks. A splash or two also makes a decadent topping for vanilla or coconut ice cream. ChocoVine is a must-have for anyone who loves fine wines and authentic tasting chocolate!

ChocoVine – Gotta Love It!



If you are still wondering what sugarplums to serve on your dessert buffet for Christmas, there are two great cookbooks from Harvard Common Press ( to offer you some very creative and sweet inspiration.

Cake Balls by Dede Wilson is a beautifully illustrated book that gives you more than five dozen different ways to craft dessert out of a basic cake recipe, a binder and a coating. Desserts in Jars: 50 Sweet Treats That Shine by Shaina Olmanson offers colorful ways to use those old jam and jelly jars as new dessert containers, and there is a great section at the end of the book that provides easy to create dry mixes to give in jars as gifts.

Desserts in Jars and Cake Balls – Gotta Love It!

pieslick the bowl

Few things taste more delicous than homemade sweet treats or provide a more welcome gift during the holiday season.

We recently discovered two cookbooks that make fantastic gifts for Christmas 2013 or can inspire you to really wow guests and family members during festive holiday gatherings:

“America’s Best Harvest Pies”, produced by The American Pie Council with Linda Hoskins, ( is a beautifully photographed volume that offers recipes shared by Crisco National Pie Championship winners, such as Cherry Red Raspberry Pie, California Raisin and Nut Pie, and Blueberry and Basil Lime Pie. These recipes stretch your culinary imagination way beyond traditional Apple!

“Lick the Bowl Good: Classic Home-Style Desserts with a Twist” by food blogger Monica Holland (, takes your favorite sweet comfort foods and enhances them to create a new version of the dessert, including Oreo Cheese Cupcakes, Brown Surgar Sour Cream Panna Cotta and Pumpkin Bundt Cake with Brown Butter Glaze. Hey, forget the calories, it’s the holidays!

Cookbooks celebrating Great American Desserts – Gotta Love It!


magnum mini gold

The livin’ may be easier in the summertime, according to that old song, but it’s hard to beat the heat and humidity. That is, unless you have a stash of Magnum Mini Gold Ice Cream Bars in your freezer (

This luscious frozen treat features a vanilla bean ice cream base swirled with sea salt caramel, then covered in a coating of golden Belgian chocolate. Great for a mid-day treat on sweltering aftenoons or as an elegant dessert offering that requires no kitchen muss or fuss.

Magnum Mini Gold Ice Cream Bars – Gotta Love It!


When temperatures start rising, we like to reach for something frozen and delicious and enjoy some chill out time. New Fruttare Frozen Fruit & Milk Dessert Bars (  make a delicious hot weather treat.

These treats are like enjoying a luscious milkshake on a stick, rich and silky smooth and available in eight tempting flavors, including Coconut (our favorite), Mango and Strawberry. At only 140 calories per bar, you can indulge without guilt and get sweet relief from summer heat and humidity.

Fruttare Frozen Fruit & Milk Dessert Bars – Gotta Love It!


Ever notice how taking a cookie break can make everything in your day seem a lot less serious. Well, cancer in  kids is serious business, but the “All the Good Cookies” cookbook by Gretchen Holt-Witt ( offers sweet inspiration with more than 60 recipes for keeping your own cookie jar full in addtiion to helping eradicate childhood cancers.

Nicely illustrated with a wide range of creative cookie styles, from Potato Chip Sandies and Deep Chocolate Cherry Cashew Cookies to Doggie Cookies suitable for both humans and their canine pals and Toffee-Almond Meringues. Brighten up someone’s day by surprising them with this wonderful cookie recipe book, then treat yourself to a cookie break – you deserve it!


All the Good Cookies – Gotta Love It!cancercookies


There are two little words that are total turn-offs when reading food lables — “artificially flavored.” When you are craving authentic flavor, especially the sweet aromatic flavor of real vanilla, treat yourself to Nielsen-Massey Tahitian Vanilla Beans (

We recently used the whole vanilla bean to create two different taste sensations. We marinated plain vodka with a Nielsen-Massey Tahitian vanilla bean for 7 days to create a delicately flavored vanilla vodka with a lovely aroma.  In need of a savory sauce for a bread pudding dessert, this versatile whole bean came through for us again with a stove-top prepared caramel vanilla sauce. The company’s website gives a wide range of recipes you can create using one of their true vanilla products. Don’t ever settle for an imitation when Nielsen-Massey offers you the finest vanilla beans produced in the world.

Neilsen-Massey Tahitian Vanilla Beans – Gotta Love It!




If you like an old fashioned thick cookie that is moist and chewy , they you will love Sweet Andy’s Cookies ( , a great treat to take the chill out of winter!

These are the kind of huge cookies that your grandmother used to bake, big enough to break nicely in half to share and large enough to dunk into a mug of steaming hot cocoa or coffee. Although the mint chocolate and traditional sugar varieties are our favorite flavor picks, there are also chocolate chip, chocolate, triple chip, oatmeal raisin, lemon and pumpkin varieties to choose from.  This Westhampton Beach, NY business produces a gourmet cookie guaranteed to make you smile!  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, treat yourself or someone you love to some delicious cookies as a sweet way to say Happy Hearts Day!

Sweet Andy’s Cookies – Gotta Love It!


Kontos Foods ( has launched  two versions of its great, new ready to use crepe products — traditional French style and Savory crepes.

These paper-thin delicious crepes are handy to have at the ready to create filled desserts and wrap sandwiches for the buffet. We tried a ham and brie cheese filling using the Savory variety that was outstanding, and used the sweeter French style as a dessert offering, filled with freshly whipped cream, sliced strawberries and chocolate chips, another winner.  Now it’s easy to enjoy authentic crepes anytime without the fuss and mess and making them yourself! They would be perfect to offer on Super Bowl Sunday with a variety of fillings and let your guests go to town. We recommend microwaving them for a few seconds prior to using to increase their pliability and softness.

Kontos French-Style Traditional and Savory Crepes – Gotta Love It!


When you have cartons of Graeter’s Ice Cream in your freezer, desserts for your Labor Day weekend will be labor-less – and very delicious!  The folks at Graeter’s ( have been dishing up their sweet creamy frozen confections since 1870 and now comes word they have recently been introduced into Sheetz stores (

Small wonder that Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip is their most popular flavor, with a gorgeous deep purple color and authentic fresh berry taste. We love scooping this variety into sugar cones for a quick treat.  In addition to such classic favorites as vanilla, caramel, strawberry, chocolate and black cherry, Graeter’s also gets rave reviews for its chocolate chip line-up, including rich Chocolate Chocolate Chip, refreshing Mint Chocolate Chip (our favorite) and Vanilla Chocolate Chip, combining the best of two worlds.  And the news gets even better once you become a Graeter’s fan — in case you can’t find your favorite at your local grocer or Sheetz store, you can mail order this heavenly cocoction direct from Graeter’s headquarters.

Graeter’s Ice Cream — Gotta Love It!