Just as Roy Rogers was considered King of the Cowboys, we think Rocky Mountain Popcorn ( deserves the title King of the Gourmet Popcorns. The Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company was a local secret available only to Colorado area residents up until 2007 when the company went national. Now it’s available at select retail locations, in addition to mail order online.

Not only are the flavors varied, fresh and authentic, ranging from butter, white cheddar, jalapeno, cinnamon sugar (our favorite) and caramel to natural, slightly sweet Kettle corn and Southwestern cheddar, each popped kernel is big and fluffy, with an almost melt in your mouth quality. The grip and pour bags are easy to open and easy to handle. Chowing down on Rocky Mountain Popcorn makes any movie experience more enjoyable! Not only can you mail order a supply for your own house, their seven flavor tin or popcorn of the month club makes a great gift idea with the holiday season just around the corner.

Rocky Mountain Popcorn – Gotta Love It!