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With the hot and humid days of summer just around the corner and plenty of oppportunities to enjoy ice cream, (but then, who needs an excuse to savor ice cream!),  Klondike ( has introduced three new gourmet ice cream bars, now available in your local supermarket freezer case.

Klondike Kandy Bars are a delicious and irresistible combination of creamy quality ice cream, chocolate coating and candy, all rolled into one easy to eat bar. The new Klondike Kandy Bars offerings include Fudge Krunch (our favorite), Caramel & Peanuts, and Cookies & Cream. A suggested retail price of $3.59 per box of four bars make them an affordable anytime treat.

New Klondike Kandy Bars – Gotta Love It!


The flavor of mint is synonymous with winter’s cold blast and is a favorite for use on holiday menus. Sonic Drive-Ins ( are keeping pace with the festivity of this holiday season by offering several limited time Holiday Mint Desserts.

Stop by soon to enjoy a creamy and delicious whipped cream topped Chocolate Holiday Mint (our favorite) or Vanilla Holiday Mint Shake, complete with red and green sprinkles. The Chocolate Holiday Mint Molten Cake Sundae is large enough to share with two or three others and is a fantastic combination of rich minty chocolate cake combined with velvety smooth ice cream and plenty of luscious real whipped cream as the finishing touch. But like winter’s ice and snow, these new holiday desserts at Sonic will soon melt away, so don’t miss out on trying one of these merry new dessert additions. Easy to transports home, too, for less fuss on your dessert buffet.

Sonic’s Limited Time Holiday Mint Desserts – Gotta Love It!

magnum mini gold

The livin’ may be easier in the summertime, according to that old song, but it’s hard to beat the heat and humidity. That is, unless you have a stash of Magnum Mini Gold Ice Cream Bars in your freezer (

This luscious frozen treat features a vanilla bean ice cream base swirled with sea salt caramel, then covered in a coating of golden Belgian chocolate. Great for a mid-day treat on sweltering aftenoons or as an elegant dessert offering that requires no kitchen muss or fuss.

Magnum Mini Gold Ice Cream Bars – Gotta Love It!


Sometimes there are just too many choices to make in life, so Breyer’s Ice Cream is helping to simplying things with their new Breyer’s Blast ice cream. You don’t have to decide on whether to enjoy ice cream or candy because you get both in their newly released Breyer’s Blasts M&Ms Milk Chocolate Ice Cream.

Plenty of rich and creamy chocolate flavor here and generous amounts of miniature M&M candies sprinkled throughout every scoop. Kids especially love this extra-sweet variety.

Breyer’s Blasts M&M’s Chocolate Ice Cream – Gotta Love It!



When temperatures start rising, we like to reach for something frozen and delicious and enjoy some chill out time. New Fruttare Frozen Fruit & Milk Dessert Bars (  make a delicious hot weather treat.

These treats are like enjoying a luscious milkshake on a stick, rich and silky smooth and available in eight tempting flavors, including Coconut (our favorite), Mango and Strawberry. At only 140 calories per bar, you can indulge without guilt and get sweet relief from summer heat and humidity.

Fruttare Frozen Fruit & Milk Dessert Bars – Gotta Love It!


Add color and flair to fall kitchen creations

A bottle of Wilton Sprinkles (  in Micro Leaves shapes and colors is one item you will definitely want to have in your kitchen cabinet this fall. Not only will these tasty sprinkles add color and panache to cupcakes and cake decorating, kids of all ages can go to town adding some fall flair to breakfast oatmeal, hot chocolate whipped cream and the make your own sundae bar. Available at arts and crafts retailers such as A.C. Moore and Michael’s nationwide.

Wilton Sprinkles – Gotta Love It!



When you have cartons of Graeter’s Ice Cream in your freezer, desserts for your Labor Day weekend will be labor-less – and very delicious!  The folks at Graeter’s ( have been dishing up their sweet creamy frozen confections since 1870 and now comes word they have recently been introduced into Sheetz stores (

Small wonder that Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip is their most popular flavor, with a gorgeous deep purple color and authentic fresh berry taste. We love scooping this variety into sugar cones for a quick treat.  In addition to such classic favorites as vanilla, caramel, strawberry, chocolate and black cherry, Graeter’s also gets rave reviews for its chocolate chip line-up, including rich Chocolate Chocolate Chip, refreshing Mint Chocolate Chip (our favorite) and Vanilla Chocolate Chip, combining the best of two worlds.  And the news gets even better once you become a Graeter’s fan — in case you can’t find your favorite at your local grocer or Sheetz store, you can mail order this heavenly cocoction direct from Graeter’s headquarters.

Graeter’s Ice Cream — Gotta Love It!