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Happy New Year!

The best gift you can give yourself in 2014 is vibrant health and Dr. Michael Murray makes a convincing case as to why you should include freshly prepared juices in your daily menu in his newly revised guide to juicing.

He has recently updated his best selling  “Complete Book of Juicing” ( and it includes some terrific recipes, along with a good directory of what juice concoctions are healing for specific medical condtions.\

The Complete Book of Juice/Revised & Updated by Michael T. Murray – Gotta Love It!



Give yourself the gift of good health this fall by learning how incorporating green juices into your daily diet can help to prevent colds and flu, help you lose weight in addition to speeding up your metabolism to burn excess fat and detoxify your body. Elizabeth Swann has packed a lot of valuable information as well as easy to prepare recipes in her New Green Juicing Diet book,

There is no need to rely on expensive medications with potentially harmful side effects when Swann gives you a wonderful roadmap in this book to using the bounty provided by Mother Nature instead to remain energized, slim and healthy.  Great information about what type of juicer you should invest in, but most of the recipes can be prepared using a simple blender!  The selection at fall farmer’s markets is great, so discover the adventure of green juicing to feel and look better.

“The New Green Juicing Diet” with 60+ Recipes – Gotta Love It!