When you have cartons of Graeter’s Ice Cream in your freezer, desserts for your Labor Day weekend will be labor-less – and very delicious!  The folks at Graeter’s ( have been dishing up their sweet creamy frozen confections since 1870 and now comes word they have recently been introduced into Sheetz stores (

Small wonder that Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip is their most popular flavor, with a gorgeous deep purple color and authentic fresh berry taste. We love scooping this variety into sugar cones for a quick treat.  In addition to such classic favorites as vanilla, caramel, strawberry, chocolate and black cherry, Graeter’s also gets rave reviews for its chocolate chip line-up, including rich Chocolate Chocolate Chip, refreshing Mint Chocolate Chip (our favorite) and Vanilla Chocolate Chip, combining the best of two worlds.  And the news gets even better once you become a Graeter’s fan — in case you can’t find your favorite at your local grocer or Sheetz store, you can mail order this heavenly cocoction direct from Graeter’s headquarters.

Graeter’s Ice Cream — Gotta Love It!